Dumat's weapon set is an item set in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. It is named after the Old God, Dumat.

Acquisition Edit

Notes Edit

  • The PC and console versions differ in regards to Dumat's Spine:
    pcIcon pc: +0.75 stamina regeneration in combat
    ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360: +1.5 stamina regeneration in combat
  • The image shows the weapon set made of Volcanic Aurum (tier 9), while the required strength and dexterity listed on this page applies to the lowest tier that these weapons can be acquired, which is Dragonbone (tier 7).

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the item's description, the longsword is made of white steel in Awakening.

Details Edit

Name Damage
Critical chance Armor penetration Strength modifier Runes Enhancements Notes
Dumat's Claw
Requires: 30 dexterity
6.40 4.80% 8.00 0.85 3 +9 defense
+2 damage
+2 attack
Looted from the corpse of the Pirate leader in the Pirate Infested Shore random encounter. Jerrik Dace comes equipped with it in the The Golems of Amgarrak as well.
Dumat's Spine
Requires: 35 strength
11.90 3.40% 4.50 1.00 3 +0.75/+1.5 stamina regeneration in combat
+6 attack
+25% critical/backstab damage
Set bonus 0 Immunity to flanking
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