Dulin Forender is a member of the House Forender which is part of the Noble Caste and the trusted second of Lord Pyral Harrowmont as well as his advisor and first lieutenant.

During the events of the Fifth Blight, he is already serving Lord Harrowmont for three years and seeks to protect his lord from Bhelen Aeducan's machinations, so the Warden must prove themselves before he will allow them to see Harrowmont.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden must talk to him in order to start A Lord's Trust: The First Task.

If the Warden is a Dwarven Noble, even if the origin story ended with the Warden convincing Harrowmont that Bhelen and possibly Trian framed them, Dulin will state that the Warden and Bhelen previously allied to remove a rival, presumably Trian.

After you talk to him, accept the quest and head to the Proving arena, Dulin will be waiting at Tapster's Tavern in the Orzammar Commons. Upon completion of the Provings, Dulin will escort the Warden to Harrowmont.

If Harrowmont is made King of Orzammar and the Warden makes the Ultimate Sacrifice, Dulin is seen at the latter's funeral, likely as the royal representative.


  • Since House Gavorn is directly descended from House Forender, Dulin Forender may be closely related to Vartag Gavorn, Prince Bhelen's second.
  • After speaking with Dulin, but before deciding to support Harrowmont, you can speak with Dulin again and ask to hear more about the Provings. When choosing this option, you can clearly hear Dulin's voice actor, Steven Barr, misread his line, misreading the word "sacred stone" as "scared stone" (though to be fair, his version of the script he was reading from may have had a typo, as this is a common one not found by a spell-checker).
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