I'm sure Emile will turn himself in soon. He's a good boy.

Comtesse Dulci de Launcet is the wife of Guillaume de Launcet, currently residing in Kirkwall

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Dulci is a minor noble from Orlais. For whatever reasons, she and her husband left to live in Kirkwall. There, they had two daughters, Fifi and Babette, and a son named Emile. Unfortunately, at the age of six, he was discovered to be a mage and taken to the Kirkwall Circle of Magi.

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Dragon Age II.

After Knight-Commander Meredith asks Hawke to retrieve three magi that have escaped the Circle, Hawke goes to the de Launcet manor in Hightown. There, Hawke talks with Dulci about Emile, one of the magi who have escaped. During the conversation, Guillaume bursts into the room and begins a rant about how much trouble his son is causing. Dulci then reveals that she gave Emile some money to leave Kirkwall and begin a new life. If Hawke lingers on the subject of the Hanged Man, Dulci faints, prompting amused remarks from Isabela and Varric (and Fenris, in response to Varric). Hawke then goes to The Hanged Man Tavern to talk to Emile. If Emile is allowed to leave, Dulci sends Hawke a letter of thanks along with some gold.

Dulci is in attendance at Chateau Haine for the party held by Duke Prosper with her insufferable daughters, Babette and Fifi. It is revealed that she has a contentious relationship with Arlessa Isolde. [1]

If Emile was permitted to sleep with Nella, she later visits the De Launcet mansion and reveals that she is pregnant, demanding that she be married to Emile so she can become "Lady Nella de Launcet". This causes the Comtesse enormous distress. Dulci complains about Nella, who has redecorated the de Launcet summer home with ceramic cows, as well as fearing that if Nella is telling the truth, it is likely to be the only grandchild she will have.

References Edit

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