Commander Duhaime is a member of the Venatori conspiring against the Orlesian Empire in servitude of the Elder One.

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To promote instability in the Emerald Graves, Duhaime colludes with the Freemen of the Dales allowing them free reign to wreck havoc in the region.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Duhaime can be found at Fair Banks Cottage just outside of Villa Maurel, whilst the the Inquisitor coincidentally arrives on scene en route from recently taking down two high ranking members of the Freemen; Sister Costeau at the Veridium Mine and Ser Auguste at Argon's Lodge.

Duhaime, accompanied by both Freemen and Red Templars, are converging on General Maliphant, the current leader of the Freemen, to "discuss" his recent lack of cooperation. The confrontation between the Inquisitor and Duhaime's men end up in Maliphant's favor as they are all bested prior to ever entering the compound. The Inquisitor slays everyone on site conspiring with the Venatori and loots the key to Villa Maurel from Duhaime's corpse.

Notable items Edit

  • Axe of the Dragon Hunter icon Glittering Darmallon
  • DAI Gatehouse Key Plot Item Icon Villa Maurel Key

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