House DuRellion lent Justinia these lands for a pilgrimage. This "Inquisition" is not a beneficiary of this arrangement.

Marquis DuRellion is a member of the Durellions, an Orlesian noble house.


House DuRellion held a nominal claim to the lands where Haven and the Temple of Sacred Ashes were located through Marquis DuRellion's marriage to Lady Machen of Denerim, whose family was given rights to the land by an ancient treaty with Ferelden's monarchs. DuRellion was a supporter of the Chantry, and made an arrangement with Divine Justinia V to allow use of Haven and the Temple by Chantry officials and pilgrims after the Temple's rediscovery in 9:30 Dragon.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After the destruction of the Temple and the opening of the Breach in 9:41 Dragon, the survivors of the Chantry's conclave there retreated to Haven, which subsequently became the headquarters of the reestablished Inquisition. Marquis DuRellion travelled to Haven to invoke his claim and evict the Inquisition, an upstart order. Meeting with Josephine Montilyet and the Herald of Andraste, DuRellion was convinced to reconsider and allow the Inquisition to stay in the meantime.

Haven was later destroyed during an attack led by Corypheus. DuRellion contacted the Inquisition asking for assistance in building a memorial at the former site of the village to honor those who lost their lives.

Trivia Edit

  • His first name was never revealed.
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