Drass is a member of the Templar Order serving in the Circle Tower during the events of the Fifth Blight.

Background Edit

Although he serves the order willingly, Drass is maladjusted to his life as a templar and chafes under his vows.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

During the events of Broken Circle, Drass falls under the control of a desire demon, who enchants him into believing she is his wife and that they have two loving children - a son and a daughter. She mentions that this - having a family that loved him - was Drass' hidden desire all along, but he did not know about this desire and neither did anyone else around him.

Before the Warden enters the room where the demon and Drass are located, they hear a short conversation between the demon and her "husband" talking about supper and to their "children".

Upon entering the room, the Warden must decide if he gets to live in a blissful dream world with the demon, or if what the demon is doing is morally wrong and she must die. However, they are bound to each other by the demon's magic, meaning that he will die alongside her in battle. Looting his body will yield a note addressed to him and Templar Armor.

The enchantment over Drass appears to be dependent on the demon playing into her role. If the Warden elects to kill her, she decries the party as bandits at the door, intent on murdering their "children", which naturally enrages the templar into fighting. If not, she tells Drass they are going for a walk, to teach the "children" about the stars. Whatever the case, the enchantment is strong enough that he forgets she just told him the "children" were going to bed before the demon's discussion with the Warden.

The Warden may also not enter the room until the events of the Broken Circle are concluded, in which case it is unknown what happens to Drass.

Loot Edit

Ico armor massive Templar Armor
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