Drakes are mature male dragonlings. They are commonly found guarding dragon lairs. They do not develop wings like female dragons.


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Drakes are intelligent, almost sly, yet ferocious beasts. Once they have fully matured, male dragons seek out the lairs of adult females. When they find one, they move into her lair and spend the rest of their lives there, hunting for her and defending her young. Drakes never develop wings, unlike female dragons; at most, their forelegs grow vestigial spurs where wing membranes might have been. They have no need for powerful wings because once they bond with a female, they rarely travel far from her lair.[1][2]

Drakes fight with sharp claws and crushing bites. They can spit gouts of flame and strike pulverizing blows with their tails. Drake Scales form a tough natural armor and their hides are prized for making suits of highly effective armor.[3]

A high dragon will have a dozen or more drakes guarding her young, constantly fighting among themselves for the right to mate. They will aggressively defend her nest, and many would-be dragon hunters have been lost to their fiery breath and crushing blows from their tails. Drakes can live for a century, but usually die much earlier while defending the lair.[4]


Dragon Age: Origins


Creature icon1 Breath
Shriek Overwhelm Overwhelm
Rake icon Rake
Roar icon Roar
Shred Shred
Creature icon1 Slap

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

A drake is used in a blood magic ritual.


  • It is possible to steal from drakes in Origins.
  • Due to a translation error, the drakes are named as "small dragons" in the Polish language version of Origins.



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