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Dragonthorn is a tier 1 rare herb in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Background[edit | edit source]

The wood of the dragonthorn tree is prized for its strength, and has been used to craft bows of remarkable quality, but the leaves are equally valuable. Alchemists have known for centuries that an extract of dragonthorn leaves will enhance and stabilize other, more volatile magical compounds.

—An excerpt from The Botanical Compendium by Ines Arancia, botanist[1]

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Random loot from sacks.
  • Found in the Forbidden Oasis (there are ten nodes scattered across the area):
    • The easiest nodes to reach are the three closest to the Desert Inquisition Camp.
      • One node slightly northeast of the camp, to the left of a rope bridge.
      • One node further northeast across that rope bridge.
      • One node south of the Weight of War landmark, on the western side of the Intrinsic Pool's entrance.
    • Two nodes in the Solasan region:
      • When approaching Solasan from the southeast via DuLac's Path, the node can be see on the left; if approaching from the southwest through a mining tunnel, head southwest from the exit.
      • The other is due west of the first, just northeast of an ocularum situated due east of the Oasis Inquisition Camp.
    • Two nodes on top of Ritual Rock:
      • When starting at the Par'as Cavern, head due south to the plank path and continue on it until reaching the large natural rock formation with scaffolding, the node is found all the way at the top (an elven artifact can be found nearby).
      • The other is on the rock formation located to the southwest of the map (a mage is required to construct a bridge to access the node).
    • Two nodes on the Upper Walkway. Either take the eastern exit from the Spiral Mine or start at the Intrinsic Pool and enter the northernmost mining tunnel entrance; when reaching the T intersection, head left.
      • One node (the first from the Spiral Mine) is down on a stone ledge, obscured somewhat by large bushes.
      • The other node (the first from the Intrinsic Pool) is next to an ocularum.
  • One node found in the Wellspring in the Deep Roads.
  • Available at the Winter Palace Merchant for 39 Currency (Inquisition).png (infinite amount).
    Note: Trespasser required.

Uses[edit | edit source]


Spirit Resistance Tonic Spirit Resistance Tonic
Tears of the Dead Tears of the Dead
Antivan Fire Antivan Fire
Jar of Bees Jar of Bees

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

Codex entry: Dragonthorn Codex entry: Dragonthorn

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