Dragon Scale Armor is a quest that enables the Warden to turn a dragon scale into something special.


A dragon scale can be found on a High dragon found at the Mountain Top (the Mountain Top is first accessible during the quest for the Urn of Sacred Ashes). Slay the High dragon and you will find a dragon scale on its corpse. Bring the Scale to Wade at the forge in his shop: Wade's Emporium in Denerim Market District.



  • Ico armor med Wade's Superior Dragonskin armor set
  • Ico armor heavy Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale armor set
  • Ico armor massive Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set


  • You will have to choose one of the three types of armor for Wade to make (Dragonskin, Dragonscale or Dragonbone Plate).
  • If you gave Wade 10DAO goldpiece trans during Drake Scale Armor, you will receive a superior version of the armor received in this quest.
  • See Exploits (Origins) for information on how to get more than one set of armor.
  • Herren only closes his shop after Wade is commissioned for a second Drake Scale Armor. If you don't commission the second drake armor, his shop will remain open even after the dragon scale commission.
  • If you do not get the massive Dragon Scale armor before attempting glitch multiple times you will never get it. No matter what option of the three you pick, you will always receive the light armor.
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