Dragon Scale Armor is a quest that enables the Warden to turn a Dragon Scale into something special.


A dragon scale can be found on a High dragon found at the Mountain Top (the Mountain Top is first accessible during the quest for the Urn of Sacred Ashes). Slay the High dragon and you will find a Dragon Scale on its corpse. Bring the Scale to Wade at the forge in his shop: Wade's Emporium in Denerim.



  • Ico armor med Wade's Superior Dragonskin armor set
  • Ico armor heavy Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale armor set
  • Ico armor massive Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set


  • You will have to choose one of the three types of armor for Wade to make (Dragonskin, Dragonscale or Dragonbone Plate)
  • If you gave Wade 10DAO goldpiece trans during Drake Scale Armor, you will receive a superior version of the armor received in this quest.
  • See Exploits (Origins) for information on how to get more than one set of armor.
  • Herren only closes his shop after Wade makes the second set of Drakeskin armor: Wade's Superior Drakeskin Armor Set. This means if you can still shop at Wade's Emporium and have the a set of Dragon Scale Armor, (Just don't order the second set of Drakeskin armor)

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