Although trivia can be an interesting addition to articles, these sections can be quickly filled with superfluous or speculative information. To help editors when they are adding trivia the following guidelines should be observed.

  • When you are adding trivia, try to stick to known facts and avoid theorizing as much as possible. Adding facts that allow readers to draw their own conclusions is sometimes acceptable however.
  • If an article has similarities to another fictional or real world thing, this does not automatically make it trivia. Ideally trivia about similar names should have developer confirmation or multiple similar traits that demonstrate what makes it worth mentioning.
  • It is not surprising that voice actors appear in other videogames. Because of this, a voice actor's other roles are not noteworthy enough to be trivia.
  • Placing personal opinion in trivia is not acceptable.
  • No name etymologies should be added unless they are confirmed by a valid source as having a special significance.
  • Any trivia dealing with a specific item, location or quest should be put on the respective pages, even if the trivia is specific to a single character.
  • Irrelevant information from codex entries or dialogue should not be added to trivia. If codex entries or dialogue provides important information, this should be incorporated in the main body of the article instead.

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