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Projects are focused efforts to improve or maintain a specific area of the Dragon Age Wiki. You do not need to be member of a project to work on the wiki, nor are project members required to meet any expectations—projects are simply organizational tools to bring order to an otherwise chaotic medium.

Projects belong in the Dragon Age Wiki namespace since they deal with organization of the wiki; this contrasts with articles concerning Dragon Age itself, which belong in the mainspace namespace (the default one).

Creating a project[]

Anybody can create a project—just make a new article in the Dragon Age Wiki namespace titled with the name of your project. For instance, you might create, Dragon Age Wiki:Project Juggernaut (which can also be referred to as Project:Project Juggernaut).

Projects should all include the following sections:

  • Description of project (at top of the page with no section header)
  • Participants
  • Related projects (to note similar efforts)
  • Parent projects (for projects directing a larger effort)
  • Child projects (for projects that are part of a larger effort)

Any other information considered helpful for the project can be listed below these sections. The following information is typical:

  • A stub template specific to articles that fall under the project
  • Links to relevant style and formatting guidelines
  • To-do lists
  • Templates that might be useful to editors contributing to the project

Don't forget to add it to Category:Community projects and to the list of projects on this page.

Enter the name of the project to create it

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Project directory[]

All known projects should be listed here, in alphabetical order by parentage.