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Name Number Section Location Updates Expansion DLC Appearances File Px Icon
A Pinch of Ashes 398 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Corpse of dead soldier at bridge in Korcari Wilds Dragon Age: Origins Pinchofashes.jpg 270px
A Rolled-Up Note 286 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Redcliffe Castle - Basement Dragon Age: Origins
A Scholar's Journal 331 Quest-Related Wending Wood, near Velanna's camp Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age: Awakening Wending Wood stone puzzle.png 270x360px
Asunder 304 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Deep Roads Updates found in Aeducan Thaig, Caridin's Cross and Ortan Thaig Dragon Age: Origins NPC-Fade Beast.jpg 265px
Blackstone Letter of Condolences 297 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Blackstone Irregulars liaison Dragon Age: Origins
Blackstone Letter of Conscription 296 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Blackstone Irregulars liaison, most conveniently in Dane's Refuge in Lothering Dragon Age: Origins
Bonnie's Angry Letter 292 Quest-Related Blackmarsh Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
By Order of Emer Thorogood 307 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related West Brecilian Forest Dragon Age: Origins
Caged in Stone 306 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Orzammar Royal Palace, throne room Dragon Age: Origins Caged in Stone.png 270px
Darran Lyle's Missive 289 Quest-Related Pick up the Discarded Letter in the Knotwood Hills Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Farewell Letter to Jogby 300 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related In chest at location in Korcari Wilds indicated by Codex entry: Letter to Jogby (see quest link for further info) Dragon Age: Origins
Five Pages, Four Mages 310 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Circle Tower This entry is updated by clicking Torn Pages on five separate lecterns in the final rooms on the Great Hall level of the Circle Tower Dragon Age: Origins NPC-Beyha Joam.jpg 265px
Friends of Red Jenny 309 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Loot from a Traveler on The Long Road (encounter with Zevran) Dragon Age: Origins
Jammer's Stash 294 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Carta Hideout Dragon Age: Origins Jammers stash.jpg‎ 270px
Karsten Wilde's Last Testament 288 Quest-Related Loot the Ancient Note from the "Ancient Letter" in the Blackmarsh Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Letter from the Blackstone Irregulars 295 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related First meeting with a Blackstone Irregulars liaison (first opportunity is in Dane's Refuge in Lothering) Dragon Age: Origins Character_Raelnor.jpg 270px
Letter of Termination 315 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Mages' Collective representative at Lake Calenhad Docks Dragon Age: Origins
Letter to Jogby 299 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Northwest of Korcari Wilds, unlocked when taking the letter from the body of missionary Jogby Dragon Age: Origins KorcariWildsConceptArt.jpg 270px
Maleficarum Regrets 312 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Body of a Blood Mage in Lothering (near exit where The Warden first meets Bodahn Feddic) Dragon Age: Origins
Materials for Working with Dragonbone 294 Quest-Related Is given by Wade after finding the Eldest Dragonbone. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Materials for Working with Golem Shells 295 Quest-Related Is given by Wade after finding the Inferno Golem Shell. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Materials for Working with Heartwood Quest-Related Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Renold's Plea 313 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Renold's Journal, retrieved from Renold's body in an Out Of The Way spot Dragon Age: Origins Renold.jpg 270px
Rigby's Last Will and Testament 301 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Loot from Rigby's body on octagonal platform in east Korcari Wilds Dragon Age: Origins
Scrolls of Banastor 308 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Circle Tower, Ruined Temple and Lair of the Werewolves (see quest for more details) Dragon Age: Origins Rage demon concept art.jpg 270px
Signs of the Chasind 302 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Loot Rigby's Field Journal from a chest in the northwest Korcari Wilds. See Quest: Chasind Trail Signs for a map of the trail sign locations. Dragon Age: Origins Korcari Wilds.jpg 270px
Summoning Sciences 287 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Apprentice Quarters during/after Broken Circle quest:
- Torn Book (1st half) in central room with stairs to next level.
- Torn Book (2nd half) near entrance from dorms to room filled with bookshelves before the central room
Info about each of the first three summonings is added as the quest is completed Dragon Age: Origins Object-Summoning Font.jpg 270px
The Crosscut Drifters 289 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Caridin's Cross This entry is found across four different locations - see quest article for more information Dragon Age: Origins Area-Caridin's Cross.jpg 270px
The Dead Caste 288 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related The Dead Trenches See the quest for details Dragon Age: Origins Two Legionnaires.jpg 270px
The Gangue Shade 290 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related The Dead Trenches Dragon Age: Origins The Gangue Shade.png 270px
The Key to the City 291 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Various locations in Orzammar Commission report in Hall of Heroes, document on bridge in Commons, writ of censure in Proving Grounds, council writ in Diamond Quarter, Assembly directive in Dust Town Dragon Age: Origins Orzammar concept art.JPG 270px
The Mages' Collective 303 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related First encounter with a representative of the Mages' Collective Dragon Age: Origins
The Shaper's Life 292 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Wall of Memories in Orzammar Shaperate See the quest for details Dragon Age: Origins Shaper's Life.png 270px
The Spot 314 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Apprentice Footlocker in the Apprentice Quarters dorm furthest from the entrance (Circle Tower during/after Broken Circle) Dragon Age: Origins
Topsider's Honor 293 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Genlock emissary (Caridin's Cross)
Warrior's Grave (Ortan Thaig)
On finding each part of the Topsider's Honor sword and the Warrior's Grave. Dragon Age: Origins Topsider's Honor.png
Unbound 305 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Adventurer's Corpse in Lower Ruins
Dead adventurer in Ruined Temple
Nervous Adventurer in Tapster's Tavern
This entry is updated as you find each of Gaxkang's victims Dragon Age: Origins Gaxkang.jpg 270px
Watchguard of the Reaching 311 (+4TSP, +10WK, +4RtO, +2FDG/P) Quest-Related Circle Tower This entry is updated as each apprentice note is found (see quest for details) and once Shah Wyrd is defeated Dragon Age: Origins Object-Statue Shield.jpg 265px
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