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This page deals with the sub-project Project Genitivi: Codex, which involves various strands of work on the Codex section of the wiki, including creating and applying new codex templates, verifying the text of all entries and ensuring there are hyperlinks links between them and other wiki articles.

Project Genitivi involves a major post-release overhaul of the Lore category of the Dragon Age Wiki. It covers a review of the lore categories, reformatting and tidying codex information and rewriting and restructuring lore articles in the light of information in the codex and from the Dragon Age Wiki: Origins game more generally.

Project overviewEdit


Created date: December 2009
Status: In progress
Start date: Decmeber 2009
End date:


Getting involvedEdit

Community involvement with this element of Project Genitivi is warmly welcomed.

  • Can you add in-game locations of codex entries? Gaps can easily be seen on the summary pages linked from the main Codex page.
  • Can you help verfy the text of codex entries? This involves copying toolset codex text data into articles, replacing text that has often been manually typed, and then "wikifying" it. If you are interested in getting involved in this task, please do get in touch with Zoev and indicate which area of the codex you'd prefer to work on. She can send .txt files containing the toolset data for each of the codex entries.

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Project detailEdit

  • Agree approach to codex entries (see Forum:Codex Entries) - Complete
  • Create draft templates for managing codex entries - Complete
  • Convert codex information to use new CodexTransformer template - Complete
  • Use Caridin to create individual pages for each codex entry from the ten summary pages - Complete
  • Add text for missing codex entries. - Complete
  • Initial tidy up, and add available images to codex entries. - Complete
  • Categorize Codex entries using the new Category:Lore tree agreed for Project:Project Genitivi. - Complete
  • Extract text for all (non-DLC) codex entries from toolset into text files. - Complete
  • Validate codex text, copying information from toolset files.
Note: Note that once this is done for a codex entry, "Text validated" should be entered into the text section of the template within comment markers
  • Create links to lore (and character/creature/etc) articles from codex entries - On hold until article structure agreed as part of main Project Genitivi.
  • Create links to codex entries from character, creature, location, item, quest pages
  • Record, wherever possible, the in-game location of each codex entry (heavily reliant on contributions from the community for this) - In progress
  • Images:
    • An image for every codex entry if at all possible - In progress
    • Add images used for codex entries to the appropriate category for the codex section - In progress
    • Develop random image generators like that for Codex: Characters for other summary pages
  • Review and tweak template formats, especially one for summary pages


Note: In addition to the below codex-specific categories, codex entries will be put into appropriate lore categories - see main Project Genitivi Categories page for details

Articles Edit

Individual pages for each codex entry, with name of format "Codex entry: <Entry Name>"

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Codex (Origins)

Section Category Overview Articles
Books and Songs Category Overview 43
Characters Category Overview -1
Controls Category Overview 49
Creatures Category Overview 45
Culture and History Category Overview 83
Items Category Overview 18
Magic and Religion Category Overview 42
Notes Category Overview 43
Quest-Related Category Overview 37
Spell Combinations Category Overview 10

Dragon Age II Edit

Codex (Dragon Age II)

Section Category Overview Articles
Art of War Category Overview 17
Characters Category Overview 40
Creatures Category Overview 23
Items Category Overview 96
Letters and Notes Category Overview 44
Lore Category Overview 111
Notes Category Overview 1
Places Category Overview 20

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