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A project encompassing all the merchants in the game and their inventories (along with any other relevant details).


This project deals exclusively with merchants, the items they sell, and other details from .utm files. It does not create the actual item pages themselves; for that, see Project Juggernaut. Instead, it will augment the items that the Juggernaut creates, with useful information such as "who sells this item", etc.

Preliminary DataEdit

Merchant Page LayoutEdit

Unknown at this time.


How to deal with integrating this information onto the item pages. Possible options include:

  • Yuck - "Statically" plant the "merchants who sell this item" information onto the item pages.
  • Template kung fu; in other words, transclude a seperate merchant page onto the item pages.

DLC ItemsEdit

Requires a human.


Project Bodahn and Project Juggernaut will work together (as it was meant to be). The process will be in this exact order:

  1. The Juggernaut will upload the item pages (and erase the content of the existing item page in the process),
  2. Bodahn will upload the merchant pages - (MerchantName)_(Inventory)
    1. During this process, Bodahn will employ whatever technique is decided on in Integration to include the "who sells this item" on the item pages themselves.


After the process outlined under PB&J is complete, the wiki will have the following:

  • Merchant pages formatted to a currently undefined specification; page details include what the merchant sells, how many they sell, are items infinite, etc.
  • Item pages formatted to a currently undefined specification; page details include a spiffy infobox and other details deemed relevant.
  • Item pages will list every merchant who sells that item.


  • Tierrie for the PB&J cognomen.
  • Quietscribe for taking the task of designing a page layout that will be seen on a hundred plus pages.
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