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Tasks Edit

Article writer

  • Once the article has been expanded (there's no more information that you believe can be added), remove the {{stub}} tag (or similar ones)

Copy writer

  • Clean the article, either rewriting, correct typos or grammar, fix the formatting of the article.
  • Formatting (see DA:MOS for our Manual of Style)

Picture capturer

  • See DA:IMAGE for guidelines
  • Once the image has been added, remove the {{pictures wanted}} tag


  • Check if all tasks have been completed, and if the article is in a good shape.

Participants Edit

Progress Edit

The table shows a list of selected articles that require attention (more will be added eventually). A Nope means there is a specific task for the article.

To sign your progress:

  • Replace # with either "yes" or "no" (yes meaning that you have completed the task, and will make a Yes)
  • Replace the ? (on the same line) with ~~~. This will leave your signature so we know who did what.

Table Edit

Article Expanded Pictures Verified Cleaned Reviewed
1Act of Mercy yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Aeducan Mace yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Alistair/Approval yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Alistair/Dialogue yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Arl of Redcliffe noNope
1Ash Warriors yesYes HD3 (talk)
1The Attack at Nightfall yesYes HD3 (talk)
1The Awiergan Scrolls: Pride Unbound noNope
1Bodahn Feddic yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Botanist's Map of Thedas yesYes HD3 (talk)
1A Brewing Conspiracy yesYes Viktoria Landers (talk)
1Canyon Road yesYes d·day!
1Ceremonial Armor yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Chevalier armor set yesYes RShepard227 (talk) yesYes RShepard227 (talk)
1Circle of Magi yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Circle Tower noNope
1Dog yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Dragon Scale yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Dwarven Battle Helm yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Epilogue (Origins) yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Finders Keepers noNope
1Flemeth the Shapeshifter yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Frightening Appearance yesYes -Sophia (talk)
1Gnawed Noble Tavern yesYes
1Grab yesYes -Sophia (talk)
1Grand Cathedral noNope
1Bethany Hawke yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Hawke/Dialogue noNope
1Divine Justinia V yesYes HD3 (talk)
1The Landsmeet noNope
1Last Wishes yesYes
1Mage Hunter and Arcane Defender yesYes RShepard227 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Magister's Staff yesYes Viktoria Landers (talk)
1Merrill/Dialogue yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Mine Massacre yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Of Noble Birth yesYes
1Oghren yesYes d·day!
1A Paragon of Her Kind yesYes MetaHeero (talk)
1Questioning Beliefs (Fenris Act 3) noNope
1Qunari yesYes d·day!
1Qunlat noNope
1Tevinter Imperium yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Aveline Vallen noNope
1Varric Tethras/Dialogue yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Zathrian yesYes Viktoria Landers (talk)
1Allied Supply Crates yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Bugs (Origins) noNope
1Exploits (Origins) noNope
1Kirkwall yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Orlesian Civil War yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)

1Regalyan D'Marcall yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Dragon Age: Redemption yesYes Henio0 (talk)
1Dragon Age: Warden's Fall yesYes Henio0 (talk)
1Forgotten Spirit yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Indignant Spirit yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Gangs yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Ghast yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Guerrin family yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Harimann family yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)

1Hunting Grounds - East yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Hunting Grounds - West yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Wyvern yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1The Retreat yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Item properties (Origins) noNope
1Mervis yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Narrow Road yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Phantasmal warrior yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Redwater Teeth yesYes RShepard227 (talk)
1Rinna yesYes LadyAeducan (talk)
1Sabin yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Sabrae clan yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Seranni yesYes Viktoria Landers (talk)
1Serendipity yesYes LadyAeducan (talk)
1Shady Character yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Tal-Vashoth yesYes Asherinka (talk)
1Triumvirate yesYes Loleil (talk)
1The Urn of Sacred Ashes yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Vael family yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Veld yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Visit Gamlen yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Watchers yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Weisshaupt Fortress yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Winding Alley yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Fallstick yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Agmo Kettlemaker noNope yesYes Henio0 (talk)
1Lomo Kettlemaker yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Ormo Kettlemaker noNope yesYes Henio0 (talk)
1Knight-Commander Martel yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Companions (Legends) noNope
1Cerlais noNope
1Janara yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Joslin yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Lukesh yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Raspin noNope
1Sendis yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Soleil yesYes Loleil (talk)
1Fereldan Rebellion yesYes Loleil (talk)
1White Spire yesYes LadyAeducan (talk)
1Questioning Beliefs (Isabela Act 2) yesYes RShepard227 (talk) yesYes Edocrack - 127 (talk) yesYes RShepard227 (talk)
1Healing spells efficiency yesYes Edocrack - 127 (talk)
1Feynriel RShepard227 (talk) yesYes Edocrack - 127 (talk) yesYes RShepard227 (talk)
1Shale yesYes RShepard227 (talk)
1Zevran Arainai yesYes Circle Mage (talk)
1The Assault on Amaranthine yesYes HD3 (talk) yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Storyline for Dragon Age II yesYes RShepard227 (talk) yesYes Loleil (talk) yesYes RShepard227 (talk)
1Heart of the Many yesYes HD3 (talk)
1Dragon Age Keep
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