The following naming conventions apply for article titles, section headings, categories as well as text within an article. In general, they should be written in correct English, unless they refer to a name or a title.

Capitalization Edit

When to use lowercase Edit

  • Creatures. While these types of creature encountered in-game are written are capitalized, they are not names.
Yes "A rock wraith..."
Nope "A Rock Wraith..."

When to capitalize Edit

These are treated as names and should be capitalized as proper nouns.

Exceptions Edit

Some words must be always capitalized, regardless of the above guidelines.

  • Qunari, despite the fact that it was not capitalized as it is considered a race in Dragon Age: Origins. From the Qunari page:

While all of Thedas identifies the race of horned giants as the qunari, this is inaccurate: qunari means "people of the Qun", and includes any who follow what the Qun teaches. Therefore, any and all who accept the teachings of the qunari, be it humans or elves, are themselves qunari. On the other hand, horned giants who do not are actually Tal-Vashoth.

Differences between capitalized and non-capitalized words Edit

  • Chantry:
Capitalized: "Chantry" refers to the organization or affiliation with it
Non-capitalized: "chantry" refers to the structure (the distinction is essentially the same as "church/Church" through a Christian/English perspective)
  • Blight:
Capitalized: "Blight" is a period after darkspawn find and corrupt one of the Old Gods
Non-capitalized: "blight" in the context of darkspawn would refer to the disease that Blights spread

Game terminology Edit

Sometimes, the terminology in Dragon Age: Origins differs from Dragon Age II. In order to keep the wiki consistent, use the established naming convention:

  • Helmets (instead of helms)
  • Battleaxes (instead of battle axes)
  • Chestpieces (instead of chest pieces)
  • Upkeep (instead of reserved)

Keep in mind that the list may be subject to changes, but do not change it without discussing it first.

Acts Edit

Like the official game guide, the wiki refers to "Acts" for each timeskips in Dragon Age II. Always capitalize them and use the Arabic numeral system when referring to a specific act, e.g.:

Yes "During Act 1..."
Nope "During act I..."

Personal titles Edit

When creating a page about a character who has a title, the title should not be used in the page name. This is done for the sake of brevity and because the title a character has may change over the course of their involvement in the series.

Plurals Edit

In general only create page titles that are in the singular, unless that term is always in a plural form in English.


  • Groups that are commonly referred in plural form. For example use Grey Wardens, instead of Grey Warden.

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