This is a guide on what layout to use for all locations in the Dragon Age series. If a section is not relevant, it should be excluded.

The lead section is anything included before the table of contents and/or the article content. It does not have any headings. With the exception of the introductory text, they are optional, depending on the situation, and must follow this order:

  1. Disambiguation links (e.g., {{for}}, {{about}}), if there is another article of the same name, or may be confused with another. See DA:DISAMBIG for more information.
  2. Article maintenance tags (e.g., {{stub}}, {{pictures wanted}}, {{cleanup}}). Alternatively, the maintenance tags can be included within a specific section of the article, with the exception of "stub" which must always in the lead section. See Category:Article management templates.
  3. Infobox/transformer template. They are generally wrapped in onlyinclude tags. See Category:Transformer templates.
  4. Short introductory text, explaining what this article is about. See DA:LEAD for more information.
  5. Table of contents, which generally appears after the lead, provided there is more than four headings. If the page is long but does not have any table of contents, you may manually add it with __TOC__.


This section should include any known history about the area. If there is a relevant codex entry about the history of the location, this is where it should be placed. Use {{CodexExcerpt}} to achieve consistent formatting.


This section should include a written prose section describing what happens when the area is visited. If the location is visited in multiple installations of the series, or this section is particularly long, it should be broken up with the use of subheadings.

If there are significant spoilers regarding what happens at the location, place the relevant spoiler template on the page. For example, if a location has spoilers regarding Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition use {{SpoilerDAO}} when hiding the Origins spoilers and {{SpoilerDAI}} for Inquisition spoilers. If the page has subheadings, the spoiler template should be placed immediately under the subheading.

If the spoiler template's length causes issues with the layout of the page, you have the option to shorten it by using the following code:

{{SpoilerDAO|style=short|This location is then destroyed.}}


This section should include an alphabetized list of all quests that occur in a location. {{IconMini}} should be used in the following way to create the list.

{{:Quest 1|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Quest 2|style=iconmini}}<br>


This sections should include an alphabetized and bulleted list of notable characters who appear in the location. A brief description can be added for background characters who do not have their own page.

To create the bulleted list, use * in front of each character and place each character on a separate line.


This sections should include an alphabetized and bulleted list of enemies who appear in the location. Where possible, you can also list the number of enemies encountered.

Notable itemsEdit

This section should contain an alphabetized list of all notable items found in the location. This section should be broken up with subheading if the location appears in multiple installation.

Use {{Item name|style=iconmini}} to create the list where appropriate. Where possible, a brief note on where the item can be found should also be added.

Codex entries Edit

This section should contain an alphabetized list of all codex entries found in the location.

Use {{Codex entry name|style=iconmini}} to create the list.


Notes should be listed using *. Anything that is not a trivia or a bug may be listed here.


Trivia should be listed using *. Please follow the guidelines.


Bugs should be listed using *. Use the template {{platforms}} when appropriate (generally at the beginning of the sentence). Consider removing them if it has been fixed as to not clog the bugs section. Try to keep the explanation concise.

Additionally, you may include one link to a fan-made bug fix per bug. However, the link should be removed once it has been patched.


Use <gallery></gallery> to display the pictures in a table. Please read the guidelines regarding pictures on the wiki in general.

See Help:Galleries and slideshows/wikitext for more information.

See alsoEdit

Links should be listed using *. You may, alternatively, use iconmini for some links (such as linking other items to display the tooltip). Links in the section should be somewhat related to the article, but have not been linked anywhere else in the article. Do not clog the section with too many links if the category provides the same links.


Add <references/> when at least one <ref></ref> has been used within the article. The wiki will automatically list the references.

For more information on how to format references, see the help page on Wikipedia.

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