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  • Tommyspa

    Dragon Age II 1.04 (PC/Mac) 1.05 (PS3) 1.03 (Xbox 360)


    • The effect of the Sunder ability now persists properly when saving and loading the game.


    • When Isabela is present in "Magistrate's Orders", Bethany no longer receives incorrect friendship or rivalry points for resolving Kelder's fate.
    • In "Magistrate's Orders", Carver now receives +5 frienship if Fenris kills Kelder or +10 friendship if the player does so.
    • Isabela no longer has a plot marker in the post-game save if the player failed to complete "No Rest for the Wicked".
    • Aveline's head no longer vibrates in "Finders Keepers" when conversing with the warehouse guard.


    • Players who choose not to log in will no longer be presented with recurring Lost Connection errors.
    • Certain ambient audio no longer cuts in and out when switching between characters.


    • Sebastian's plot marker, if present, is now removed when bringing him into other downloadable content.


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  • King Cousland

    The achievements for the upcoming Mark of the Assassin DLC featuring Felicia Day as Tallis have been revealed.

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  • Tierrie

    Orlesian Murder Mystery

    September 26, 2011 by Tierrie

    Dragon Age Wiki proudly to present a Mark of the Assassin promotion. See inside for a chance to win free stuff. Showcase your story telling skills or bedazzle the world with your art.

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  • IamBubby

    More 'Mark' DLC info

    September 25, 2011 by IamBubby

    New footage of Mark of the Assassin DLC can be seen in Felicia Day's interview with GT.TV In the previews brief clips of Day's character Tallis fighting alongside Hawke are shown as well as possible Wyvern fighting abilities.

    If you'd like to read the entire article here it is:D

    --IamBubby (talk) 05:57, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Xelestial

    I got this from Tumblr. I enjoyed reading it, especially the bit about Anders which for me is like, game changing, and everything about Fenris. Hope you enjoy it too! Read the post here if you like instead: skyelinepigeon's Tumblr

    So, short backstory! David Gaider is on vacation in New Orleans, where I live. I tweeted at him as a joke about giving him free alcohol in exchange for Dragon Age secrets… much to my surprise he tweeted back and offered to meet up, if I wanted. Much fangirling ensued. We had lunch today!

    I am typing everything up the best I remember. There were some really interesting things we talked about, so I hope you find this information fun and exciting. :D Tis long, sorry! The Fenris bit is my favorite, I think.

    Got my copy of The Stolen Throne signed, oh yeah!

    • Ok, let’s jump in. I tried to be really respectful and not ask questions I know he couldn’t answer. I didn’t ask about Alistair’s parentage, I didn’t ask any end game questions, etc. Also, let me start b…

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  • King Cousland

    Following the live chat with Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw, this is is a roundup of the information that was revealed:

    • Mark of the Assassin fits in with the main game and can be started at any time in Kirkwall. Progress in the game will be reflected in the DLC
    • Mark of the Assassin is slightly longer than Legacy as there are lots of side quests and fiendish puzzles
    • Tallis will be a companion only for the duration of Mark of the Assassin. This is for "a number of reasons."
    • There's some "extra stuff" for certain characters, particularly those who have any connections with Orlais (such as Aveline). The DLC will also explore the inner workings of the Qunari. Laidlaw tells fans to "expect revelations" and there will be moments at the end which will make players surprised.

    At this point, a clip was shown of Tallis speaking to Hawke. Hawke chose to flirt with her, after which she introduced herself and revealed that she was searching for Hawke, as they had an invitation to Château Haine (n…

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  • Tommyspa

    We are very pleased to announce the next Dragon Age II story based DLC, Mark of the Assassin!

    Hawke meets a mysterious female Elven assassin named Tallis, voiced by the talented Felicia Day, and joins her to steal an ancient relic from an Orlesian Baron in his well-guarded estate. A cross between Varric and Isabela, Tallis is a rogue who introduces a new fighting style to add more variety in combat. Get up close and personal with her deadly skills or stand back and pick off enemies with her ranged combat abilities.

    Mark of the Assassin features new items, new enemies and monsters and new environments as well as giving players the opportunity to experience a new, tactical way to play with the return of Stealth gameplay. Plus, along with the new environments and monsters, you will learn more about the Orlesians and Qunari.

    Mark of the Assassin will be available for download on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on October 11 for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points.



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  • Loleil

    Item Pack 2 Released

    August 24, 2011 by Loleil

    BioWare has just released Item Pack 2, the latest piece of downloadable content for Dragon Age II. Like Item Pack 1 it is comprised of a mage pack, a rogue pack and a warrior pack.

    Pricing is as follows:

    • Playstation 3 - ($4.99 for all three) / ($2.99 individually)
    • PC/MAC - (400 BioWare Points for all three) / (240 BioWare Points individually - Mage, Warrior, Rogue)
    • Xbox 360 - (400 Microsoft Points for all three) / (240 Microsoft Points individually - Mage, Warrior, Rogue)
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  • Xelestial

    All info comes from DA producer Fernando Melo and marketing director David Silverman. I went through and watched the small interview Silverman had with Melo and the fan Q&A with Melo and Silverman.

    Important Points to pull from interview:

    • Fans liked Legacy. Dev was happy. Will continue to use Legacy formula.
    • Next DLC is Item Pack to be released on Tuesday, Aug 23.
    • Will be able to release more info about upcoming DA2 related content in the coming weeks after gamescom.
    • Players liked Corypheus fight. But party member's AI is retarded on that fight, so they want to improve it for future content.
    • They're going to take their time with future DLC because they did with Legacy and that turned out well.
    • They will try to get out some non-story content in between story content.
    • They don't have any plans for companion specific DLC at this time, more focused on continuing Hawke's story based on what players seemed to want from DA:O DLC.
    • There was a DA panel that I missed. If it was taped, then I'll try to f…
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  • Xelestial

    Dragon Age producer Fernando Melo has announced at gamescom that there would be a new item pack for Dragon Age 2 on Tuesday, August 26th (Melo says this date, but I believe it is actually on Tuesday, August 23). He also seemed to imply they were working on more story DLC content and more information would be announced in the coming weeks after the Item Pack was out. Xelestial (talk) 13:50, August 18, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Snfonseka

    “If I’m going to piss you guys off, it’s going to be because I still firmly believe that RPGs do need to be more accessible to new players; Not diminished, but made less imposing and less terrifying to new players. In part because I want more people to play Dragon Age, and in part because there have been a lot of improvements in gameplay and UI design in the past 15 years, and we can learn from them.” - Mike Laidlaw

    For more info click here.

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  • King Cousland

    The live preview of the new DLC for Dragon Age II at the EA Summer Showcase provided some new details:

    • Hawke will travel to an ancient prison constructed by the Grey Wardens
    • They will face a millennia-old monster so powerful that the Wardens kept it sealed away in secrecy.
    • Genlock alphas make their DAII debut in the DLC, along with their more common relatives. The alphas seem to have grown in size considerably since Dragon Age: Origins.
    • Hawke will gain a class-specific weapon which doubles up as a key. This weapon will be available for use after completion of Legacy.
    • The DLC will delve deeper into the history of the Hawke family, focusing particularly on the late Malcolm Hawke, father to the Champion of Kirkwall and the Hawke twins themselves.

    Visit the official Dragon Age II Legacy website for more information.

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  • King Cousland

    At 1pm PST, on July 7, Gamespot will cover the EA Stage presentation from the EA 2011 Showcase. This live broadcast will feature the first look at the first story-based DLC for Dragon Age II, called Legacy. Don't miss out on your first chance to see Legacy!

    The Showcase will be streamed here.

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  • Occam's Razor

    The new DLC for Dragon Age II is suppose to be officially announced during Comic-Con but the folks over at Xbox360achievements has apparently uncovered the achievements for it that give a hint at the contents of the upcoming add-on.

    Here are the achievements:

    Conductor: Defeat an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains (30 points)
    Deep Roads Safari: Kill a genlock, genlock alpha, hurlock alpha, bronto, and deepstalker in the Vimmark Mountains (15 points)
    Family Legacy: Apply three effects to Hawke's Key (30 points)
    Family Outing: Complete the main quest in the Vimmark Mountains with Bethany or Carver in the party (15 points)
    Tower Sweeper: Complete every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower (30 points)

    While there's a possibility that the achievements might change before the DLC releases, it's nice to see that genlocks and deepstalkers are returning. Being able to see more of the Vimmark Mountains and possibly the Deep Roads will also be a change from Kirkwall. Keep your eyes peele…

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  • King Cousland

    According to this post by Chris Priestly, a DLC called Dragon Age II: Legacy will be brought to the San Diego Comic Con, which begins on the 21st of July, and ends on the 24th.

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  • D-day

    The latest patch was already released on X360 yesterday, and for PS3 European users a few days ago. It has now been launched for PC users. PS3 users from North America will have to wait after the weekend.

    • In many fights, enemies now move less quickly at the start of combat. This slower initial pace makes tactical positioning more useful and important.
    • If the force of an enemy attack interrupts a party member's current action, the party member now resumes the action once he or she has recovered. This means, for example, that party members who have been instructed to consume a health potion will now do so as soon as they are able, and do not need to be told to consume a health potion again if they are interrupted.
    • Enemies are now much less likely to explode into body parts upon death.
    • Attacks that hit a stealthed assassin are now more likely to disrupt stealth.
    • Abilities that apply a silence effect now also cancel the target's current action in addition to preventing the target from using f…

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  • Loleil

    Mike Laidlaw has recently returned to the BioWare forums. In his return post he acknowledges some of the criticisms levelled at Dragon Age II, but he also offers three new pictures, including one with what looks like statues of Griffons.

    Click here for the full post.

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  • Ausir

    17 works of video game art have been selected for the eighth Into the Pixel collection this year, including the Witch of the Wilds herself, Flemeth from Dragon Age II. All of the winners will be presented at the upcoming E3 Expo in Los Angeles from June 7 to 9. BioWare scored a double win, the other being the Normandy from Mass Effect 2.

    The ITP is a collabortion between the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is juried by both traditional fine art and gaming experts. This year's jurors were:

    • Glenn Phillips, Getty Research Institute, Senior Project Specialist & Consulting Curator, Department of Architecture and Contemporary Art
    • Nora Dolan - Independent Curator
    • Ryan Wilkerson, Microsoft Game Studios, Senior Art Director
    • Matt Hall, Timbuk2 Studios, Senior Partner Production Designer
    • Brian Moore, Microsoft Game Studios, Art Director

    “Now that public institutions have accepted video games as a legitimate form of art, there is no questio…

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  • Loleil

    BioWare has released new DLC for Dragon Age II. It consists of a mages item pack, a rogue item pack and a warrior item pack. Each pack contains weapons, armour and accessories.

    It costs US$4.99 for all three or $2.99 individually on the Playstation 3. On the PC or Mac the cost is 400 BioWare points for all three, 240 point to buy individually. On the XBox 360 it costs 400 Microsoft points for all three or 240 points individually.

    Click here for the official page.

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  • Snfonseka


    I know some of you spend some quality time in Bioware forums and if that is the case you probably know about this. But for those who don't know about the following bugs I hope this information would be helpful to you.

    Following are some of the known bugs in Dragon Age 2

    Bonus content is not showing up under the 'Unlockables' menu

    Currently there is an issue where the 'unlockables' menu is not properly reflecting what is actually unlocked on your account right away (it will eventually). This does not, however, reflect what you will actually find in the Special Deliveries chest in Gamlen's house.

    If your account is entitled to any particular item you should do the following: 1. Verify that your EA Online account directly matches your account login 2. Verify that you are in fact logged in to the EA Online Account 3. Go to Gamlen's House in lowtown and check inside the Special Deliveries chest for your items

    Isabela - Fools Rush in - Cannot enter chantry

    This i…

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  • Snfonseka

    Dragon Age II Patch 1.01 is now available for the PC and Mac systems. You can download patch 1.01 here

    Patch 1.01 resolves the following issues:

    • Fixed save game issues on single core machines
    • Fixed game asking for non-existent drives
    • Fixed release control issues where some players were unable to unlock correctly
    • Fixed a Steam-specific issue related to VO not playing after switching languages
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  • Snfonseka

    If you are a PC gamer I think you should read this.

    "Dragon Age: Origins was one of my favorite games of 2009 – as long as we’re talking about the PC version. On consoles, the game was a diminished port of the original, offering only a shadow of the tactical combat that made the PC release so satisfying. With Dragon Age II, BioWare has turned the tables. The sequel’s action-oriented battle system is clearly tailored to accommodate Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers, and the hardcore PC faithful (at whom the original title was explicitly targeted) get snubbed with an inferior adaptation."

    Click here for the full review.

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  • Snfonseka

    This will add the option to enable higher detail replacements for most textures in game. A big difference will be noticed on level art especially.

    Requirements: To get the most out of the high resolution texture pack, we recommend running the game with the DirectX 11 renderer (requires a DirectX 10 GPU and Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7). We also recommend a video card with at least 1 GB of video memory.

    Most of the benefits from the Hi-resolution textures will only be seen if you are able to run the game in DirectX 11.

    To manually download your new content on the PC: Download the installer from the link below and run it. Run Dragon Age II. Open the Options menu. Select Video options. Check the "Hi-resolution textures" checkbox. Note: In order to enable the "Very High" setting you will need a video card that supports DX11 and the latest drivers.

    Click here to download

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  • Snfonseka

    IGN Score: 8.5

    "Every modification to the gameplay and structure of Dragon Age II is a clear improvement over the previous game. The combat is more responsive and bloody, you don’t need to fight the inventory system anymore, and conversations are more engaging thanks to the adapted Mass Effect wheel. There are downsides though; the semi-linear story and repetitive environments have a negative effect on what is otherwise a great role-playing game. Despite these complaints, Dragon Age II is a game I’m eager to replay."

    Read the complete review in here

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  • Snfonseka

    Gamespot Rating: 8/10

    The Good

    • Player choice manifests itself in interesting ways
    • Spectacular writing and voice acting bring each character to life
    • Fascinating world characterized by moral ambiguity
    • Combat is fun, fast-paced, and colorful
    • Great symphonic soundtrack.

    The Bad

    • Main story lacks focus and drive
    • Multiple elements have been inexplicably simplified over the original
    • Combat is much less tactical.

    For complete review click here.

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  • Ausir

    ]] BioWare announced on Dragon Age twitter account a special contest - the fan that posts a Dragon Age II character with the most likeness to Felicia Day, the creator and star of the upcoming web series Dragon Age: Redemption, will get $100 towards the BioWare Store. In other words, get started with face generator!

    Note that Felicia herself intends to enter the contest too. Can you make a better Felicia Day lookalike than Felicia herself?

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  • Snfonseka

    Summary: A pinnacle of role-playing games with well-designed mechanics and excellent story-telling, Dragon Age II is what videogames are meant to be.

    Read the full review in here.

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  • JamieSI

    Gamers who buy Dragon Age II will find a nice card in their box telling them "The ARRIVAL has begun", refering to the leaked Mass Effect 2 DLC that will bridge Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 together.

    This can only mean that 'Arrival' will have the Reapers coming to Earth and giving us a good whomping. Oh, that's "Reapers" to the Turian councilor. Maybe this will convince him they're real.

    More at Strategy Informer

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  • VeNiX

    Bioware is holding another live demo and developer chat with Mike Laidlaw on Saturday March 5th, Mike will be playing The Exiled Prince DLC and showing the character creator.

    The even will start at 01:00 PM PST, you can check the corresponding local times around the world here.

    Event Page

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  • Snfonseka

    The first Dragon Age could be difficult if you weren't familiar with party-based RPG tactics and Mike Laidlaw says he fixed that in the sequel.

    I'm not saying that the difficulty turned me off at all in Origins - I quite liked how I needed to think through how my mage Grey Warden would paralyze opponents so that my rogue and warrior could finish them off. Others complained, however, that the normal difficulty setting was too tough and I know more than a few players who enjoyed the game much more with the slider on 'casual.' Many people who've played the demo or previewed the first few hours of Dragon Age II have noticed that the combat doesn't seem as punishing as its predecessor. Mike Laidlaw, lead designer of the game at BioWare, explained that he thought that the default Origins was too hard, and he adjusted the difficulty to compensate.

    "I did feel Origins 'normal' [difficulty] was pushing too hard on the high side and no one wants to set their game to 'casual' unless they're comfor…

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  • Tierrie

    Dragon Age demo is out!

    February 22, 2011 by Tierrie

    Dragon Age demo is out! Join your brothers and sisters in the call to arms! For Ferelden! For Kirkwall! For *!

    Download the demo here

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  • Kerethos

    Dragon Age 2 Call to Arms

    February 17, 2011 by Kerethos

    February 22, 2011 marks the launch of the Dragon Age II Demo and a Call to Arms for all BioWare fans. If they get over 1,000,000 demo downloads and logins on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 combined before March 1st, they will unlock two in-game items for the entire community to use in Dragon Age II.

    To get your download counted, you will need to log into your EA account while playing the demo.

    The items that will be unlocked are:

    • The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall - Written by a Fereldan refugee as she fled the Blight, this book of poems describes her dreams of a new start in Kirkwall, the city across the sea. Readers will surely be enriched by her insights. (Gives money when read.)
    • Lothering's Lament - Written by a Fereldan refugee as she fled the Blight, this book of poems contains touching reminiscences of all she had to leave behind. Readers will surely benefit from her experience. (Gives XP boost when read.)
    • Dragon Age 2 page - with more details
    • Forum thread

    So play that demo people!

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  • Techwench

    It's Valentine's Day and, appropriately enough, Dragon Age II romances have been confirmed!

    According to this forum post, the following companions will be romanceable:

    • Isabela
    • Fenris
    • Merrill
    • Anders

    The thread also includes short stories written by the development team to gain further insight into each character.

    Read more on the BioWare Forums.

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  • Snfonseka

    Dragon Age 2 has GONE GOLD!

    February 13, 2011 by Snfonseka

    The Dragon Age team is very pleased today to announce that Dragon Age 2 has GONE GOLD for the PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Mac!

    Gone Gold means that they have shipped the game off to manufacturer to be turned into retail copies for you to buy. More importantly, it means that game will be in stores as scheduled.


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  • Tierrie

    Transcript of the Dragon Age 2 live demo. I'm going to do a transcript here!

    • 1:24pm: Dragon Age 2 is gold for PC, XBox360 and PS3! Release dates is confirmed to be March 8th in US and March 11th in Europe
    • 1:25pm: EA is doing a live promotion if you're watching live chat! Origins is 60% off if you buy at Use the code DA2LIVECHAT. Due to legal reasons, it is only available in US and Europe
    • 1:27pm: Now you can have a huge posse and look awesome as you walk through town! Apparantly Lady Hawke can melt butter from across the room. Rawr. Bad news for butter though.
    • 1:28pm: Hawke is now walking through the merchant area and it is gorgeous and large. She is also amazingly hot. There's a rumor that Isabela is in town and she might have a task.
    • 1:29pm: BAR FIGHT CUTSCENE! Isabela vs 3 ruffians. Now it's just Isabela. Versus the Beer. Nice!
    • 1:30pm: Ooooh, female Hawke talks. Nice. There's a chat wheel and Mike just selected "sarcastic". Witttttty.
    • 1:31pm: Isabela has a quest. She h…

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  • Kerethos
    • Hawke Family Theme
    • Qunari On The Rise

    Both composed by Inon Zur, are available for those who'd like to listen.

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  • Ausir

    BioWare Giveaway

    February 9, 2011 by Ausir

    Wikia and BioWare are teaming up to give fans a chance to win one of six fantastic prize packs!

    Each prize pack includes a copy of Dragon Age II plus merchandise related to BioWare games, such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For all details and to find out how to enter, head over to the BioWare Giveaway page at BioWare Wiki.

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  • VeNiX

    Dragon Age 2 Main Theme

    February 9, 2011 by VeNiX

    Dragon Age II main theme has just been released on Youtube.

    As is the case with the Dragon Age: Origins' soundtrack, the soundtrack is composed by Inon Zur.

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  • D-day

    BioWare has officially released new information on the warrior class. Hawke may become a Reaver, a Templar or a Berserker. There are several screenshots in the gallery revealing the new talents for warriors.

    Following the unveil of Anders as a companion, a page on the mage has been added to the character section on the Dragon Age II website, revealing details on his new role.

    A lot of videos have been released recently:

    • The Champion trailer
    • From Joystick: a two minutes of game footage of the beginning of Dragon Age II. They also have an article on the game.
    • From GameTrailer: a preview, an interview with Mike Laidlaw, and an interview with Dan Lazin
    • From GiantBomb: a preview with Mike Laidlaw.
    • From GamePro: a preview with Mike Laidlaw.
    • From IGN: a preview.
    • From GameInformer: a small preview in their Ander's article reveal.
    • From G4: a preview with Mike Laidlaw.
    • From GameStar: a preview in German on the character customization (starts at 2:00). There is an interview with Fernando Melo in English (with Germ…

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  • Tierrie

    Dragon Age 2 Achievements!

    February 8, 2011 by Tierrie

    BioWare just released the achievement lists for Dragon Age II! It gives away many aspects of the game so without further spoilertude, click on the following to see the entire list.

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  • Snfonseka

    Following is the ESRB rating information regarding DA2 (Source).

    Platform: Macintosh, Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

    Rating: Mature

    Content descriptors: Blood and Gore, Language, Sexual Content, Violence

    Rating summary:

    This is an action-adventure role-playing game in which players assume the role of a warrior who completes quests in a mythical land. Players use swords, bows and arrows, and magical spells (e.g., fireballs, energy beams) to defeat human-like enemies and fantasy creatures (e.g., giant spiders, demons, ogres, golems). Attacks are often accompanied by slashing sounds, large explosions, and cries of pain. Blood splatter effects occur when enemies are hit, and damage sometimes results in dismemberment or decapitation—blood stains and body parts occasionally appear in the environment. In one cutscene, a man's severed head is held up then tossed to the ground. During the course of the game, characters sometimes engage in sexual dialogue (e.g., "Why is it always about sex with…

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  • Snfonseka

    The BioWare Store will be holding a pre-sale of new Dragon Age 2 lithographs on Friday February 4. Both the new Kirkwall Keep and Deep Roads, signed and numbered by artist Steve Klit, will go on sale.

    These lithographs are limited to 500 units and will not be restocked. 250 will go on sale between 10 and 11 am and another 250 will go on sale between 5 and 6 pm. Both times are in MDT.

    You can check out the new lithograph art here.


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  • Tierrie

    BioWare will be releasing the Collector's Edition of the Dragon Age II Official Strategy Guide on March 8th alongside the game. The collector's edition will feature additional bonuses that aren't available on the normal edition.

    • Exclusive to the Collector’s Edition: a hardcover reproduction of Cassandra’s book from the game
    • Exclusive to the Collector’s Edition: an additional 16 pages with a behind-the-scenes section and an artwork gallery
    • A dedicated Side Quests chapter presents all side missions, random encounters and all additional optional activities with a checklist to reach 100% completion
    • The Walkthrough features annotated area maps with step-by-step action on the left-hand page and expanded strategies and advanced tactics on the right
    • The Strategy & Analysis chapter focuses on high-level playing strategies and in-depth analysis of the game’s underlying mechanics.
    • All-encompassing Inventory chapter features exhaustive lists and tables covering: weapons, armor, accessories, special it…
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  • Girlgamer

    Dragon Age 2 Lore Blogs

    January 28, 2011 by Girlgamer

    On the Bioware Blog some new information has been posted on Elves, Dwarves and Qunari in Dragon Age 2, along with Templars and the like, and their involvement in DAO's upcoming sequel. Plus there is some more very cool concept art.

    Check it out here and scroll down to view.

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  • Girlgamer

    A new environment has been released on the DA2 website. Supposedly it is the tallest mountain guarding Kirkwall, and was the place of a terrible battle years ago. It is known as Sundermount.

    Check out the description and some concept art here.

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  • King Cousland

    IGN has released an article detailing some of the new features in Dragon Age II, as well as including some new pictures and details on what decisions from Dragon Age: Origins will affect the story in the sequel.

    Click here for the story.

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  • BTCentral

    As some may have suspected, and the rest of you may be pleased to hear - now the Signature Edition promotion is over Dragon Age II is available on Steam.

    Anyone who pre-orders between now and launch will receive the Lion of Orlais Shield, the Fadeshear Sword and access to The Black Emporium. You can read more about all this here.

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  • BTCentral

    Pre-order Bonuses

    January 12, 2011 by BTCentral

    Pre-order Dragon Age II from any participating retailer and get both the Fadeshear Sword and Lion of Orlais Shield for free.

    The Fadeshear Sword, an ancient blade - features 2 rune slots, improves with each level-up and deals additional damage vs. both demons and the undead.

    The Lion of Orlais Shield, used during the Summer War - again features 2 rune slots, adds to experience (XP) gain and adds to health.

    This offer includes both previous Signature Edition and current Regular Edition pre-orders.

    So if you missed out on the Signature Edition, pre-order now to ensure you at least get some bonus items.

    In addition to this the EA Store is offering an additional exclusive pre-order item if you order direct from them, The Irons.

    This belt, fashioned from the black steel of Kirkwall's infamous iron foundries - adds to all elemental resistances, health and constitution.

    As an added bonus: If you pre-ordered the BioWare Signature Edition (prior to January 12, 2011) both the Fadeshear Sword and Lion of O…

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  • Diain

    Get an exclusive look at Dragon Age II and its backstory in this new developer diary.

    It has got some nice new artwork and in-game vids.


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  • Kerethos

    Gamespot has published a new dev diary about DA2. In it the devs talk about the story and it shows things from Hawke telling jokes, and doing some nasty kills, to romances and a few bits of dialogue from companions. Mind you that there might be some very minor spoilers.


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