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The Dragon Age Wiki Discord is a public server where editors and Dragon Age fans may congregate for collaboration and general fun. It was founded by Viktoria Landers and is owned by Ursuul. There are over a thousand users there who'd be more than happy to talk to you about your favorite aspects of Dragon Age!

How to join[]

  • Register a Discord account if you do not have one already.
  • Use this invite link to join the server.
  • Optionally, link your Dragon Age profile page (located here) to receive the "Editor" role.

Basic guidelines[]

  • Use bots sparingly, #bots exists for frequent usage
  • DBAD — No spam, harassment, misquoting, intolerance, or other derogatory remarks (incl. Godwin's Law and modern tragedies)
  • No NSFW content (including ANY non-DA sexual content)
  • No current real-world political or religious debates/arguments
  • No solicitations w/o permission (e.g. server links, GoFundMe's, etc)
  • Don’t post any inappropriate links/images
  • Please keep it to English only when typing in chat or talking in voice
  • Post in the appropriate channels
  • No sock-puppeting/use of alt accounts to evade a mute or ban
  • Use common sense. Discussions/debates and joking around is fine, but don’t go so far that you break the rules
  • Mods have final say in the execution & interpretation of these rules


Open to the public[]

New users land in the solitary Info channel for orientation. After that, most conversation takes place in the Lobby category, where discussion of Dragon Age itself takes place / where our members can post their original characters and art. There is also an "Other" category for off-topic conversation and bot posting, and a Voice category for voice chatting.


While we welcome everyone, the primary purpose of the server is to facilitate cooperation amongst this Wiki's editors. There is a large Editors' Area category with a slew of productive channels that all editors are encouraged and welcome to join. If you have 20+ good faith edits on the Dragon Age Wiki, by all means ask a moderator to let you in!

Beyond that, there is one final category for moderators and administrators only, where management of the server, the Wiki, and Discussions is coordinated.