Dragon Age Wiki Discord is a public server where editors and Dragon Age fans may congregate for collaboration and general fun. It was founded by Viktoria Landers and is owned by Ursuul. There are over a thousand users there who'd be more than happy to talk to you about your favorite aspects of Dragon Age!

How to join Edit

  • Register a Discord account if you don"t have one already.
  • Use this invite link to join the server.
  • Optionally, link your Dragon Age profile page (located here) to receive the "Editor" role.

Basic guidelines Edit

  • Use bots sparingly, #bots exists for frequent usage
  • DBAD — No spam, harassment, misquoting, intolerance, or other derogatory remarks (incl. Godwin's Law and modern tragedies)
  • No NSFW content (including ANY non-DA sexual content)
  • No current real-world political or religious debates/arguments
  • No solicitations w/o permission (e.g. server links, GoFundMe's, etc)
  • Don’t post any inappropriate links/images
  • Please keep it to English only when typing in chat or talking in voice
  • Post in the appropriate channels
  • No sock-puppeting/use of alt accounts to evade a mute or ban
  • Use common sense. Discussions/debates and joking around is fine, but don’t go so far that you break the rules
  • Mods have final say in the execution & interpretation of these rules

Layout Edit

Open to the public Edit

New users land in the solitary Info channel for orientation. After that, most conversation takes place in the Lobby category, where discussion of Dragon Age itself takes place / where our members can post their original characters and art. There is also an "Other" category for off-topic conversation and bot posting, and a Voice category for voice chatting.

Restricted Edit

While we welcome everyone, the primary purpose of the server is to facilitate cooperation amongst this Wiki's editors. There is a large Editors' Area category with a slew of productive channels that all editors are encouraged and welcome to join. If you have 20+ good faith edits on the Dragon Age Wiki, by all means ask a moderator to let you in!

Beyond that, there is one final category for moderators and administrators only, where management of the server, the Wiki, and Discussions is coordinated.

Roles Edit

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