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Dragon Age Keep is a free online application that allows players to tailor decisions made in Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Decisions made in Origins and Dragon Age II can be imported into Inquisition; it is the only way to transfer choices into Inquisition. The Keep will presumably also be used for Dragon Age 4. The Keep can be accessed on a variety of devices (including tablets and smartphones) through an Origin account. A beta version of the application was publicly released on October 29, 2014.

The Keep scans the linked account to check for any pre-existing Wardens or Hawkes. If there aren't any, there will be an option to choose from a selection of pre-defined heroes. Once the protagonists from the previous games have been selected, an animated video, narrated by Varric, describing the events of the previous installments will play. Any time the story branches, the user will have the ability to alter what happens.

After the video is over or skipped, the "Tapestry" can be used to select major decisions quickly and efficiently, while also clearing up various canon errors.

You can have up to 10 different World States saved in the Keep at any one time, and can edit or delete them at any time (though you must have at least 1 World State saved). It is possible to share one's World States with other Origin users.

There are approximately 300 choices that can be made in the Keep.

An official Feature Tutorial was released on YouTube from BioWare Base, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HmktEiXcvw

List of Choices[]

Note: Default choices will be underlined or otherwise indicated.

Dragon Age: Origins[]

For details of some of the choices made in Dragon Age: Origins, see this list.


  • Hero's Identity (race, class, appearance, name) Default = Lyna Mahariel: Female Dalish Elf Warrior
  • The Battle of Denerim: Warden Died Killing the Archdemon or Warden Alive and Well


  • Romance (Origins): Romanced No One/Romanced Alistair/Morrigan/Leliana or Zevran
  • Did Not Recruit Dog or Recruited Dog
  • The Landsmeet/The Battle of Denerim: Loghain Executed by the Warden/Loghain Executed by Alistair/Loghain Killed in a Duel by Alistair/Loghain Died Killing the Archdemon or Loghain Alive and Well
  • The Qunari Prisoner: Didn't Free Sten/Picked the Lock to Sten's Cage/Persuaded the Revered Mother to Free Sten or Intimidated the Revered Mother to Free Sten
  • Did not Recruit Sten/Recruited Sten
  • The Sword of the Beresaad: Did not Recruit Sten/Did not Return Sten's Sword or Returned Sten's Sword
  • Did Not Recruit Oghren or Recruited Oghren
  • The Long Road (Origins): Did Not Recruit Zevran or Recruited Zevran
  • Zevran Arainai/Approval: Zevran Died or Zevran Alive and Well (based on approval)
  • Did Not Recruit Wynne or Recruited Wynne
  • Broken Circle/The Urn of Sacred Ashes: Wynne Not Recruited/Wynne Alive and Well/Wynne Died at Broken Circle or Wynne Died at the Temple of Sacred Ashes
  • The Landsmeet/The Battle of Denerim: Alistair Died Killing the Archdemon/Alistair was Executed/Alistair Became King/Alistair Stayed a Grey Warden or Alistair Became a Drunk
  • Human Noble Origin/The Landsmeet: Warden and Alistair were not Lovers/Warden Remained Alistair's Mistress/Warden Did not Remain Alistair's Mistress/Warden is Alistair's Queen or Alistair remained with the Grey Wardens and the Warden (only a Human Noble Warden can become Queen)
  • The Urn of Sacred Ashes: Did not Recruit Leliana/Leliana Alive and Well/Leliana Left to Die at the Temple of Sacred Ashes/Leliana Left the Party
  • Morrigan's Ritual: Morrigan Did not Have a Baby/Morrigan did the Dark Ritual with the Warden/Morrigan did the Dark Ritual with Alistair/Morrigan did the Dark Ritual with Loghain or Morrigan and the Warden conceived a baby naturally
  • Flemeth's Real Grimoire: Did Not Acquire Flemeth's Grimoire/Acquired Flemeth's Grimoire Peacefully or Acquired Flemeth's Grimoire by Defeating Flemeth


  • The Hungry Deserter: Ostagar Prisoner Left Alone/Ostagar Prisoner Killed/Ostagar Prisoner Given Stolen Food/Ostagar Prisoner Given Donated Food/Ostagar Prisoner Given Purchased Food or Key Stolen from Ostagar Prisoner
  • The Mabari Hound: Did Not Help Mabari/Cured Mabari or Killed Mabari

The Arl of Redcliffe[]

  • The Attack at Nightfall: Abandoned Redcliffe or Helped Redcliffe Fight
  • A Village Under Siege: Helped Redclliffe Prepare for Battle or Did not Help Redcliffe Prepare for Battle
  • Connor Killed/Connor Alive and Unpossessed or Connor Alive and Possessed
  • Bella Left Redcliffe/Bella Took Over the Tavern/Bella Started a Brewery or Bella was Killed
  • A Missing Child: Did not Help Bevin/Helped Bevin Took Sword/Helped Bevin Paid for Sword/Helped Bevin Did not Find Sword/Scared Bevin Back to Chantry or Returned Sword to Bevin (See Origins' Epilogue for more details)
  • Lost in the Castle: Valena was Killed or Valena was Saved
  • Isolde Survived or Isolde Sacrificed Herself

The Urn of Sacred Ashes[]

  • Urn Not Poisoned or Urn Poisoned (did you unlock the Reaver specialization)

Broken Circle[]

Nature of the Beast[]

A Paragon of Her Kind[]


The Landsmeet[]

  • Alistair Rules Alone
  • Alistair and Anora Rule Together
  • Human Noble Origin: Alistair and the Warden Rule Together (only a Human Noble Warden can become Queen)
  • Anora Rules Alone
  • Human Noble Origin: Anora and the Warden Rule Together (only a Human Noble Warden can become "prince-consort")

The Battle of Denerim[]

  • Warden Killed Archdemon/Alistair Killed Archdemon or Loghain Killed Archdemon


Witch Hunt[]

Warden's Keep[]

The Stone Prisoner[]

  • Did Not Recruit Shale/Shale is Alive and Well or Killed Shale
  • The Golem in Honnleath: Matthias and Amalia Both Alive Neither Possessed/Matthias and Amalia Both Alive Amalia Possessed/Matthias and Amalia Both Alive Matthias Possessed/Amalia Alive Matthias Dead or Amalia Dead Matthias Alive
  • Did Not Recruit Shale or Recruited Shale

Dragon Age 2[]


  • Hawke's Identity (appearance, name, class) Default = Garrett Hawke: Male Mage
  • Dialogue wheel (Dragon Age II): Diplomatic Personality/Humorous Personality or Aggressive Personality



Act 1[]

Act 2[]

Act 3[]


Dragon Age: Inquisition[]


Party Members[]

The Wrath of Heaven[]

  • Inquisitor Denies Being Chosen by Andraste/Inquisitor Accepts Being Chosen by Andraste

Champions of the Just[]

In Hushed Whispers[]

  • Inquisitor did not go to Redcliffe/Inquisitor Went to Redcliffe, Mages Allied/Inquisitor went to Redcliffe, Mages Conscripted

In Your Heart Shall Burn[]

  • Player declared for order/Player Declared for the Inquisitor/Player declared for Faith (only a "Faithful" Inquisitor can declare for Faith, and only a "Non-believer" can declare for Order; however, this is not enforced in DA:Keep)

Here Lies the Abyss[]

Exploring Thedas[]

War Table Operations[]


  • Calpernia was the Inquisition's Nemesis/Samson was the Inquisition's Nemesis (Recruited mages? Samson. Recruited templars? Calpernia)
  • Perseverance: Didn't Talk to Cullen About Lyrium/Told Cullen to Use Lyrium/Told Cullen to Use Lyrium Until After the War/Told Cullen Not to Use Lyrium
  • Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune: Did favors for Du Paraquettes/Did Not Deal with Du Paraquettes/Leliana's Assassin's Dealt with the Du Paraquettes
  • Softened: Leliana Inspired/Leliana Steeled/Leliana's Past Not Discussed
  • Before the Dawn: Did Not Learn About Samson's Armor/Learned About Samson's Armor
  • What Pride Had Wrought: Samson's Armor Destroyed/Samson's Armor Unaffected
  • Under Her Skin: Investigated Calpernia's Past/Did Not Investigate Calpernia's Past
  • What Pride Had Wrought: Fought Calpernia/Talked with Calpernia/Didn't Encounter Calpernia

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts[]

  • Celene Rules Alone/Briala Rules Through Gaspard/Gaspard Rules Alone/Celene Rules, Peace with Gaspard and Briala/Celene Rules, reconciled with Briala
  • Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons Alive/Grand Duchess Florianne Killed
  • Empress Celene Lived/Empress Celene was Assassinated

What Pride Had Wrought[]

  • Morrigan/The Inquisitor drank from the Well of Sorrows
  • Respected Temple Tradition, Allied with Guardians/Respected temple tradition, did not ally with guardians/Disrespected temple tradition, made enemies of guardians (see Bugs)

Judgements at Skyhold[]

  • Inquisitor engaged in very few judgements/Inquisitor was a Merciful Judge/Inquisitor was a Hanging Judge/Inquisitor was a Recruiting Judge

Doom Upon All the World[]

Jaws of Hakkon[]

The Descent[]



  • Questioning Beliefs (Aveline Act 3)(DA2) indicates it is not actually possible for Aveline to leave Hawke even with 100% Rival
  • During Best Served Cold(DA2) it is not actually possible for Keran to Rejoin the Templars, yet there is such an option in DA: Keep
  • During What Pride Had Wrought(DAI) choosing to complete the rituals *and* jump into the hole afterwards. (Allowing the player to both explore The Ancient Crypts and ally with Abelas and the elves.) Later importing a playthrough in which you persued this course will not be accurately represented in DA: Keep, it will instead state you "Disrespected temple tradition, made enemies of guardians."

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