Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide

Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide is the official strategy guide for Dragon Age II. It is authored by Piggyback Interactive and published by Prima Games.

The guide's ISBN codes are ISBN 1-906064-79-2 (ISBN-10) and ISBN 978-1-906064-79-2 (ISBN-13). It contains 272 pages and became available on March 8, 2011.[1]

Content Edit

The guide's content includes:

  • The 100% complete guide to Dragon Age II
  • Carefully designed to avoid unnecessary story spoilers
  • A world map shows the position of all areas visited with an index of available locales listing all quests and page references to the relevant sections of the guide
  • A dedicated side quests chapter presents all side missions, random encounters and all additional optional activities with a checklist to reach 100% completion
  • The walkthrough features annotated area maps with step-by-step action on the left-hand page and expanded strategies and advanced tactics on the right
  • The strategy and analysis chapter focuses on high-level playing strategies and in-depth analysis of the game s underlying mechanics.
  • All-encompassing inventory chapter features exhaustive lists and tables covering: weapons, armor, accessories, special items, shops, runes, crafting, consumables and gifts
  • All-encompassing bestiary chapter presents all details on: enemy ranks, locations, attributes, resistances, loot drops and more

Collector's Edition Edit


Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide Collector's Edition

The limited edition of the Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide was also available in a Collector's Edition variant. The Collector's Edition variant has a hard cover.

Its ISBN codes are ISBN 0-307-89013-9 (ISBN-10) and ISBN 978-0-307-89013-9 (ISBN-13). It contains 288 pages (16 pages longer than the standard version) and became available on March 8th, 2011.[2]

In addition to the regular content, the Collector's Edition also features:

  • A hardcover reproduction of Cassandra's book from the game
  • An additional 16 pages with a behind-the-scenes section and an artwork gallery

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