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Origins to Awakening[]


Question: Do additional talents/spells attained from tomes transfer to Awakening?

Answer: Yes, they appear to be transferred. New characters created in Awakening will not have any of these additional talents/spells.

Question: Can a tome from Origins stored in the inventory be used in Awakening?

Answer: Yes, it works on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Question: Do any Origins exploits contribute to issues in Awakening? Specifically: Mountain Top Leveling & Lothering Quests exploits.

Answer: There are currently no known issues in Awakening from using exploits.

Question: Can I respec my character in Awakening? If so how many times can I do this and can I respec my party members as well?

Answer: You can purchase a Manual of Focus from Herren in the Vigil's keep courtyard for 6Gold. You then take control of the character you wish to respec and use that Manual from the potions menu in-game (on the PC you can also use it from the inventory screen). You will be stripped nude (unless your Inventory is full) and forced to reassign all specialisations, attribute points, talents, spells, and skills. As long as you have 6Gold you can do this as many time as you like and to any party member.

Question: Are we able to expand our backpack space in addition to the 125 slots we already have from Origins?

Answer: No. The maximum amount of backpack space stays at 125 from Origins.

Question: Are bags being sold in Awakening cheaper/more expensive than in Origins?

Answer: No. Bags vary depending on the merchant but remains at roughly the same price at 6Gold.

Question: Are there limited supplies of backpacks?

Answer: No. There are enough backpacks to get to the maximum backpack space.

Question: Is there any way to import a character with their personal belongings from the party storage chest to go with their post-coronation ceremony decisions? This is because after the battle with the Archdemon, the Warden has to choose between going to the post-coronation ceremony or going back to other DLC (we cannot leave the post-coronation ceremony without leaving the game). Because it is this post-coronation ceremony that determines whether the Warden chooses to: Accept Loghain's assets, Free the Alienage, Go travel, etc.. Is it not?

Answer: It does not seem to matter if you load directly from the post-coronation save or from an epilogue save - the choices you made at the end of the game seem to carry over. This means that you go back to Soldier's Peak (provided you have played through the Warden's Keep DLC) and get anything you want from the Party Storage Chest, as well as unequip party members, and then save - and import that save file.

It does, as after the post-coronation save, you could carry your post-coronation decisions with you. (Freeing Elves, becoming teyrn of Gwaren, etc.) You are granted these wishes by the King/Queen himself/herself.

Items and Equipment[]

Question: Do we need to start hoarding runes in our inventory in Origins so that we could economically use them for runecrafting?

Answer: No. However, runecrafting is considerably more expensive than buying high-level runes in Origins. Most shopkeepers only sell novice, journeyman, and expert runes; in order to improve these, a separate purchase of a rune tracing (which functions analogous to a crafting recipe) is required. Furthermore, creating with the exception of upgrading novice runes to journeyman runes, each upgrade requires two of the lesser runes to make one upgraded one. For instance, creating a Grandmaster Flame Rune requires two Master Flame Runes. Additionally, every upgrade require the further purchase of a blank rune stone and a certain number of etching agents.

Question: Do gifts from Origins work on Awakening companions?

Answer: Gifts from Origins can be used on Awakening companions. Plot gifts for Origins characters can also be used as regular gifts in Awakening.

Question: Are there any items that will top Origins' most expensive items such as Spellward & Ring of Ages?

Answer: There are a large number of expensive items in Awakening. However, most of the top items from Origins will remain very useful for significant portions of Awakening. Depending on your character's build, some of these items may never be replaced.

Question: Is there any item for Arcane Warrior that will top Wade's Superior Dragonskin Armor Set in terms of Fatigue Reduction (-12% Fatigue)?

Answer: There are several items that have negative fatigue stats. In addition, armor can now be enchanted with the Endurance Rune that reduces fatigue.

Question: Do these items come in set pieces, or individually?
Answer: Both.

Question: Do you still have all your equipment in your old party and party storage chest? If so where is the party storage chest?

Answer: You will only import the items that your Warden has equipped and items in the inventory. Items in the Party Chest will not be imported. Some DLC items will not be imported into Awakening.

Question: Can you import Starfang?

Answer: Not without a PC Mod, no

Items that will not transfer to Awakening:

-any item from the pre-order DLC's

-any unique items from Warden's Keep


Question: Can you visit the rest of Ferelden, or only the area around Vigil's Keep?

Answer: Only certain areas in Amaranthine around Vigil's Keep are available.

Question: Can you continue playing after completing the storyline?

Answer: No, there is currently no way of playing post-storyline.

Question: Can we bring all of our companions into The Fade in Awakening?

Answer: Yes, the companions you chose to take with you into the Blackmarsh will be with you in The Fade.


Question: Is there any Awakening epilogue that will overwrite the Warden's epilogue from Origins? For example, being a King-consort, Teyrn of Gwaren.

Answer: No there isn't.

Question: Do characters that became King-Consort/Queen-Consort in Origins get special dialogue in Awakening?

Answer: The only dialog you get from being the Queen-Consort is a 30 second cut scene after retaking Vigil's Keep back from the darkspawn Alistair calls you dear wife and leaves it in your capable hands, never to be heard from again. As the King-Consort and if Loghain's alive, he shows up at Vigil's keep after you clear 2 of the main quest lines. There is some dialog about him getting reassigned to Orlais. He also spouts some lines asking when you and Anora will get around to having an heir and ends the dialog by giving you 10 gold.

Question: How are you able to get Alistair to show up in Awakening?

Answer: If Alistair becomes king in your previous Origins save, he will show up early on in Vigil's Keep.

Question: Does Alistair join your party later in Awakening?

Answer: No. Oghren is the only character from Origins that joins you in Awakening.

Question: Is Alistair assumed to have died at Vigil's Keep then if he remained a warden in Origins?

Answer: No, because Alistair doesn't make an appearence in Awakening unless you made him king in Origins. Alistair is alive and well, just not in Amaranthine. He is, however, mentioned in the epilogue if a female Warden chose romance him and he stayed a Warden along with her.

Question: If Anora is queen and Alistair chose to remain with the Grey Wardens, is he mentioned, or does he make a Cameo in Awakening?

Answer: No, Alistair does not make a cameo or appearence unless he is made king in Origins. Though, if your female Warden chose to romance him he is mentioned in the epilogue of the game.



Question: Is it possible to revisit the Silverite Mine?

Answer: No. It is not possible to return to the Silverite Mine. Entering the Silverite Mine for a second time from either entrance will bring the player to an area outside the map, or have the stairs leading down the mine blocked.