Dragon's Blood is a crafting resource in Dragon Age II. It is used to craft runes.

Acquisition Edit

This item is acquired from the corpse of the High Dragon at the end of the Mine Massacre quest.

Uses Edit

This item is used in the crafting of the Rune of Valiance and the Rune of Devastation.

It is also needed for the Supplier achievement.

Bugs Edit

pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360 Sometimes, when the dragon is killed it will appear to not be lootable. This is because the 'loot' can spawn in a different place on the battlefield - look around in targeting mode (pcIcon pc - [TAB], xbox360Icon xbox360 - [LT])

Background Edit

Collecting dragon's blood is extremely difficult, even for the most accomplished dragon hunter. First, one must locate the increasingly rare creatures. Second, one must bleed it. However, I believe that at the moment of death, the blood loses something special—a certain fiery essence, perhaps. Of course, bleeding a live dragon is quite tricky.

Dragon's blood has wide variety of uses, both magical and culinary. It's an important component of rune-crafting and those like my great-grandfather enjoy a sprinkling of the powdered stuff to their food at the dinner table.

—From Discovering Dragon's Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces, by Ferdinand Pentaghast
—From Codex entry: Dragon's Blood

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