Mages and templars on the way to the Conclave

The Divine Conclave was held in 9:41 Dragon, as an attempt to peacefully end the war between the mages and Templar Order. Organized by Divine Justinia V, it was held at the newly restored Temple of Sacred Ashes. The Valo-Kas mercenary company was hired to provide protection at the Conclave, as a neutral party to stand between templars and mages.

Representatives for both the Templars and the mages were sent to speak with the Divine to discuss the possibility of peace between the two groups. Though Fiona was at the time the nominal head of the mages, she feared a trap and sent someone in her stead. Knight-Commander Marteu of Montsimmard was at least one of the representatives for the Templar Order, though there may have been others.[1]

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At some point during the Conclave, proceedings were interrupted by the arrival of the Elder One. Several Grey Wardens in attendance took Divine Justinia captive and restrained her; she was used as a sacrifice in a ritual Corypheus conducted with the use of an ancient orb. The ritual was disrupted before it could be finished by the arrival of one who would later be known as the Herald of Andraste. The interruption caused a vast tear in the Veil which destroyed the temple and killed all in attendance, save for the Herald.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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