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The Disused Passage is a secret passage located in Kirkwall's docks at night. It is accessible via two manhole covers, one at either end of the area. The western entrance is located where Selby and the Shady Merchandise dealer are during the day (warehouse district), the eastern entrance is located near the Harbormaster's Office.

Here Hawke will find a merchant named Bonny Lem selling rare goods. His wares change depending on Hawke's class, with a random weapon usable by one of your companions. Isabela's gift, the Rivaini Talisman, is available in this area in Act 3.

Hawke will also be attacked by Coterie members and thugs. Make sure to bring a rogue to deal with traps.


Bonny Lem and his chest of discounted treasures

The site contains a number of fetch and deliver style side quests:

Remains of the Outlaw Half-Braid Silsam Remains of the Outlaw Half-Braid Silsam - (Act 1) the remains are obtained from looting his corpse lying near a wall around a corner from Bonny Lem.
Waxler's Hat Waxler's Hat - (Act 2) behind the door after Hawke kill the two Mercenary thugs and their commander is a sack containing the hat.
Seal of the Old God Dumat Seal of the Old God Dumat - (Act 2) in a red box in an alcove up a flight of stairs in the far south eastern room is the seal.

Notable items[]

Deathroot Deathroot - (Act 1) found north of Bonny Lem.
Rivaini Talisman Rivaini Talisman - (Act 3) for Isabela, found in the "Storage" container.