The Disciples of Andraste are a group of people who came together after the death of Andraste for the purpose of protecting and continuing her legacy.

Background Edit

Chantry disciples

Statuary of Andraste disciples and martyrs.[1]

According to the Guardian, when the Imperium killed the prophet this group carried her remnants to the other corner of the Imperium, in the Frostback Mountains and vowed to forever revere her memory and guard her. However, one of their members, an ancestor of the cult's current leader Kolgrim, came to regard himself as a prophet and said that Andraste has been reborn once again in the form of a High Dragon and all those who opposed him were silenced by force.

Since then, only the Guardian resides in the The Gauntlet chamber with the Urn and is protecting the ashes as the rest of the disciples are unable to kill him. The other disciples reside in the Ruined Temple proper, nearby Caverns and upon the mountain side in their village called Haven.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

In 9:30 Dragon, Haven was discovered by Brother Genitivi, who was searching for the Urn of Andraste. The Disciples held him captive and interrogated him, hoping to learn enough to send an impostor into the outside world. They also sent an agent to kill and impersonate his assistant Weylon in Denerim to dissuade or misdirect any other searchers, as well as arranged for the capture or ambush of Redcliffe knights sent in search of Genitivi.

The cultists try to defend the temple against the Warden and their party, who are trying to reach the Urn. They have trained Brontos to fight with them as well as Ash Wraiths.

The Warden may choose to ally with them and follow Kolgrim's task which is to spill some blood of the High Dragon, which they think is Andraste, to the Urn of Andraste. Doing so, the Warden will be called as a champion by the cultists and considered as one of them as well as have the privilege to drink ritually prepared dragon blood in order to become a reaver.

However the Warden may choose to reject Kolgrim's offer or cross the cultists afterwards, in which case even more cultists along with their leader are killed. In either case the death toll inflicted on the group is high as depicted by the number of gravestones found afterwards in the village.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After the Temple of Sacred Ashes was reclaimed by the Chantry, the surviving members of the cult were forced out of Haven and into the mountains. Only one cultist, Tamar, is known to have survived.[2]

Historical disciples Edit

Some of these disciples can be found in The Gauntlet as part of A Test of Faith quest by giving riddles to the Warden. They are, in fact, Ash Wraiths which were summoned by an ancient Tevinter ritual. This ritual involved the immolation of the disciple.

  • Cathaire: Leader of Andraste's army.
  • Havard: He gathered Andraste's ashes and hid them for safekeeping.
  • Guardian: One of the original disciples.
  • Hessarian, the Redeemed:[3] The Tevinter Archon who repented of his execution of Andraste and turned the Imperium to the worship of the Maker.
  • Brona:[3] Andraste's mother.
  • Hector:[3] Lord of the fortress of Nevarra. When Maferath betrayed Andraste and Tevinter captured her at Hector's stronghold, Hector leapt to her defense and was shot full of arrows.[4]
  • Shartan:[3] Leader of the elven slave rebellion who joined Andraste in battling the Imperium.
  • Justinia:[3] A Tevinter slave and friend of Andraste who remained by Andraste's side during her war against Tevinter.

Cultist disciples Edit

Strategy Edit

When facing a group of Cultists, it is best to send a character with a fair amount of armor (though not your parties tank) to attack the group's mage. Doing so will distract the mage from attacking the entire party with high damage area of effect spells.

Types Edit

Cultist archer Edit

Skills used:

Talent-DirtyFighting icon Dirty Fighting
Talent arch pinningshot Pinning Shot
Talent arch shatteringshot Shattering Shot

Cultist assassin Edit

Skills used:

Talent-MarkofDeath icon Mark of Death
Skl ico stealth 1 Stealth

Cultist mage Edit

Spells used:

Spell-ConeOfCold icon Cone of Cold
Spell-Winter'sGrasp icon Winter's Grasp
Lightning Lightning
Shock icon Shock
Spell-ChainLightning icon Chain Lightning
Spell-Fireball icon Fireball
Spell-Weakness icon Weakness
Spell-VulnerabilityHex icon Vulnerability Hex
Spell-MisdirectionHex icon Misdirection Hex

Cultist overseer Edit

Skills used:

Spell-AntiMagicWard icon Anti-Magic Ward
Spell-SpellShield icon Spell Shield
Spell-DispelMagic icon Dispel Magic
Aura of Pain Aura of Pain
Reaverdevour Devour
Spell-CombatMagic Icon Combat Magic
Spell-ShimmeringShield Icon Shimmering Shield

Cultist reaver Edit

Skills used:

Talent dw flurry Flurry
Talent-PreciseStriking icon Precise Striking
Talent 2h indomitable Indomitable
Talent 2h powerfulswings Powerful Swings
Talent 2h sunderarms Sunder Arms

Locations Edit

Ico Ruins Ruined Temple
Haven icon (Inquisition) Haven
Ico Area Map Caverns
Ico Dock Lake Calenhad Docks
Ico Area Map Genitivi's Home

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