The Dirty Back Alley is one of the many back alleys in the streets of Denerim. This shares the same basic layout as the "Back Alley" random encounters on the city map.

This area does not become visible on the Denerim City Map until you start the Back Alley Justice quest.

Involvement Edit

The Warden must deal with the gang here (as well as two more in the Dark Alley and Run-Down Back Street) to finish the Back Alley Justice quest.

The Warden will also find widow Tania for Notices of Death, the door of blood mage's relative for Blood of Warning (atop the northwest staircase), and entry to Quaint Hovel for Unbound (east side).

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Back Alley Justice
Ico Quest Blood of Warning
Ico Quest Notices of Death

Characters Edit

Map-Dirty Back Alley

Map of the Area

Enemies Edit

  • x1 Gang Leader (Human, Lieutenant) - Weapon and Shield, heavily armoured.
  • x8 Thugs (Human, Critter) - 2 Weapon and Shield warriors, two dual -wielders and four archers, all clad in leather armour.
  • Thug Minion (Human, Critter) - unarmoured Weapon and Shield warrior.
  • The skills of all these enemies are listed on the Back Alley Justice page.

Note Edit

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