Dirthamen- Keeper of Secrets

Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets

Dirthamen is the elven god of secrets and knowledge.

Dalish legends

Dirthamen wandered aimlessly till he came across two ravens. "You are lost, and soon you will fade," the raven named Fear said to Dirthamen. "Your brother has abandoned you. He no longer loves you," said the other, named Deceit. "I am not lost, and Falon'Din has not abandoned me," replied Dirthamen. He subdued the ravens and bade them carry him to Falon'Din.
—From Codex entry: Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets

The Dalish believe that Dirthamen is the twin brother of Falon'Din. He is the master of the ravens Fear and Deceit, having found them in the Fade and outsmarted them both.[1] Dirthamen gave to elves the gift of knowledge and taught them loyalty and faith in family.[2]

There are several elven legends involving the Keeper of Secrets. In the days before Arlathan, the first varterral was formed from the fallen trees of the forest to guard an ancient city said to be beloved by Dirthamen.[3]

In Elvhenan

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Dirthamen and Falon'Din were "twin souls" with no family connection. Their bond was not romantic, beyond even the strongest friendship. The oldest elven stories never even name them directly, referring to Falon'Din as "Dirthamen’s shadow," and Dirthamen as "Falon'Din's reflection."[4]

The sinner who dared to fly in the shape of the divine belonged to Dirthamen.[5]

Symbols and shrines

A Dalish tale says that Dirthamen gave each creature a secret to keep. However, the hares shouted their secret to the treetops, the birds sold theirs for gold and the foxes traded their secret for wings. Only the bears kept Dirthamen's secret, so the bear is considered beloved of Dirthamen.[6]

Dirthamen is sometimes depicted as a cloaked kneeling figure.[7] Ancient glyphs scattered across the Exalted Plains reveal the location of the Lost Temple of Dirthamen.


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