The dialogue wheel is a game mechanic in Dragon Age: Inquisition used during conversations. Instead of choosing the exact dialogue lines for the Inquisitor, the player chooses between short paraphrases of the fully voiced dialogue that will follow.

Icons on the left side of the wheel typically open up the opportunity for more dialogue, typically by offering more questions to ask. The right side of the wheel typically contains ways to "react" to the situation. Much like the dialogue wheel in Dragon Age II, typically the top option will be a polite or agreeable response, the middle option a humorous or neutral response, and the bottom option an aggressive, blunt or disagreeable response. There are a variety of different personality types that the Inquisitor can adopt by choosing the same type of tone response repeatedly. Choosing the same tone for your Inquisitor most of the time will result in more unique expressions and outcomes that are available only to your chosen personality type.

Icon meanings Edit

Standard Edit

Icon Description Notes
DW-general General Branch the conversation and open up additional dialogue options.
DW-yes Yes Agree or accept an offer. Say yes.
DW-no No Reject something proposed by another character. Say no.
DW-stoic Stoic Remain matter-of-fact about the subject at hand. Speak with self-control.
DW-pleased Pleased Express agreement with or happiness about the current conversation point.
DW-sad Sad Express sadness over the current conversation point.
DW-mad Mad Express your anger about what’s being discussed.
DW-confused Confused Indicate confusion about the current line of conversation.
DW-surprised Surprised Has the conversation astounded you in some way? Express your surprise.
DW-anxious Anxious Expresses tension, fears, anxiety.
Note: This isn't included in the manual, so the description is somewhat vague.
DW-attack Attack Enough conversation. It’s time to get aggressive.
DW-special Special This option is rare. It may only appear for certain types of characters—or it may be based on past circumstances.
DW-investigate Investigate Make inquiries to learn more about the current conversation.
DW-payment Payment Inquire about a coin reward—or bribe someone.
DW-romance Romance If you’re feeling amorous, flirt or say something romantic.
DW-endromance End Romance Say or do something to permanently end a romance with the other character.
DW-politics Politics Display your understanding of how the political system works. Requires the "Nobility Knowledge" perk.
DW-history History Put your knowledge of history and ancient lore to use. Requires the "History Knowledge" perk.
DW-arcane Arcane If you understand magic and magical theory, use this information to your advantage. Requires the "Arcane Knowledge" perk.
DW-underworld Underworld Showcase your knowledge of the criminal world with this special dialogue option. Requires the "Underworld Knowledge" perk.

Race/Class specific Edit

Icon Description Notes
DW-warrior Warrior Available to warriors only.
DW-rogue Rogue Available to rogues only.
DW-mage Mage Available to mages only.
DW-human Human Available to humans only.
DW-humanmage Human Mage Available to human mages only.
DW-elf Elf Available to elves only.
DW-dwarf Dwarf Available to dwarves only.
DW-qunari Qunari Available to Qunari only.

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