Deygan is a Dalish elf in the West Brecilian Forest.

Background Edit

Deygan is one of the hunters sent out by Keeper Zathrian to find Witherfang and return with its heart.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Deygan is involved in the quest Wounded in the Forest. He can be found east by southeast of the Warden's first encounter with Swiftrunner near a templar's corpse overlooking the Grand Oak's clearing. However, he has been badly wounded, and needs the Warden's help to get back to camp. The Warden can wake him up and help him back to camp, wake him up and kill him, or loot his body. If his body is looted the Warden can receive Deygan's Dal'Thanu, Deygan's Boots and a Figurine.

If the Warden helps return Deygan to camp, they will meet Mithra who will help him back herself. If Deygan is saved, he can be found back in the camp near Athras and can be spoken to for a reward (a Sapphire gem).

Clan attitude Edit

Speaking with Deygan offers opportunities to affect the Clan Attitude global variable, which is a measure of the clan's approval of you.

  • If Deygan's equipment was looted before he was brought back to the camp, he will ask if the player has his figurine. Clan Attitude will decrease if the player says that they no longer have it, or that they have it but will keep it, or if they fail a level 2 persuasion check when lying that they haven't seen it.
  • If Deygan's equipment was not looted, speaking with him and insisting he keep his offered reward increases Clan Attitude.
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