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For the talent in other games, see Devour (Dragon Age II) and Devour (Inquisition).

Devour is a warrior talent from the Reaver specialization in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Area of effect: 5m.
  • Heals for 40 + Spellpower * 0.4 per corpse.
  • Conjuration time: Instant.
  • Being hit by this ability generates 5 additional threat on the target(s).


  • Activation base is in stamina and values vary with fatigue%.
  • If the talent is used immediately after an enemy is slain, it won't heal. Lootability is a good indicator of when to use Devour Devour: the moment a corpse becomes lootable, Devour Devour can be used to its full effect. 


  • Using this ability on golems in the Fade allows you to loot them.

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