I am Tevinter first and a servant of the Minrathous Circle second, those are the things that matter.

Devera is a Tevinter city elf who is working as a servant to the Circle of Magi of Minrathous. During the events of the Fifth Blight she travels to Ferelden along with her master, Magister Caladrius.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Upon entering the Tevinter Warehouse during the Unrest in the Alienage quest, Devera will challenge the Warden as the Tevinters didn't expect interference from the authorities in their slaving business. She can be intimidated into leaving with her goons, persuaded to escort the party to Caladrius, or fought immediately. If killed, either immediately or in a fight with Caladrius, she will drop the Codex Item, the Bow of the Golden Sun.

If The Warden does not intimidate or persuade Devera, she will retreat behind a line of three leghold traps and fire arrows until engaged in melee combat, at which point she will switch to dual-wielding swords. Three Tevinter Soldiers will stand behind her and use crossbows, whilst five further Tevinter Soldiers close in to engage the Warden's party in melee combat.

If possible, disarm the traps before charging Devera. Take her out and the other archers as quickly as possible as the stuns from their shots will cripple or chip off your party's health.

Notes Edit

  • When defeated, Devera will drop the Bow of the Golden Sun: ironically, an item strongly associated with the Andrastian rather than Imperial Chantry.
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