Map-Desolate Highway

Map of the area

The Desolate Highway is one of the random encounters in Dragon Age: Origins. The Warden and his or her party are assailed by a pack of wolves.

Enemies Edit

8 x Wolves (Beast, Normal)

Strategy Edit

This encounter can be difficult early in the game. The Hold command can be used to prevent your party triggering the many traps in the area. Focus party fire on a single target, and use crowd control talents and abilities such as Mind Blast and Dread Howl.

Notable items Edit

Rgt ico deathroot Deathroot
Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot

Special objects Edit

  • 2 x sign (one warns of wolves that frequent the area; the other warns of the traps that have been placed for them).
  • 10 x Flimsy Leghold Trap (30 XP each).

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