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The Deserted Building becomes accessible on the Denerim City Map after finding the journal of the dead templar in the Run-Down Back Street. The building itself consists of several large rooms and is home to numerous blood mages and mercenaries.


The Last Request The Last Request

Hostile Creatures[]

Mabari (Normal)


Map deserted building

Map of the area

  • Mercenary (Normal and Lieutenant)
  • Mercenary Archer (Normal)
  • Mercenary Captain (Lieutenant)
  • Qunari Mercenary ([Normal)
  • Rogue (Normal)
Blood Mages

Notable items[]

Dalish Battery Dalish Battery
Magister's Shield Magister's Shield
Bedroom Key Bedroom Key

Special objects[]

  • Barricade (3) - can be destroyed for passage or used for melee attack.
  • Grease spill (4) - can be used to ignite Grease Fires.
  • Leghold Trap (2) - steel claw, medium difficulty, 40 XP gained per trap disarmed.
  • Pressure Plates (2) - 48 XP and 55 XP gained respectively per trap disarmed.
  • Tripwire - 40 XP gained on disarm.


  • Across the building are scattered Tevinter and elven artifacts, including statues, art, and what appears to be two Eluvians.