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Dereliction of Duty is a side quest available from The Blackstone Irregulars in Dragon Age: Origins.

Several members of the Irregulars have gone rogue, and grabbed a little five-finger discount along the way. Track them down and explain how the Irregulars feel about this.


This quest is received from The Blackstone Irregulars' Quest Board in Lothering or Redcliffe.


Track down the three deserters (locations below). The deserters will always fight, regardless of which conversation options you choose. After the battle, pick up the Guild Supplies from their corpses. You can claim the reward from any Blackstone representative.

Deserter Town Location
Tornas the Deserter Frostback Mountain Pass Before the entrance to Orzammar, right of the large stone circle
Sammael Lake Calenhad Docks Just outside The Spoiled Princess
Layson Denerim In the Dirty Hovel of the Rundown Back Street


  • 175 XP
  • 2 Gold
  • Frostshear Frostshear - looted from Tornas the Deserter in the Frostback Mountain Pass.


  • With Sammael, if the Broken Circle questline has been completed, a nearby Templar may join the fight to assist the Warden. This Templar is unarmed and will thus fight barehanded, but possesses all the abilities befitting the Templars and can be used against Sammael.
  • It is possible to steal Small Clear Crystal from Sammael (depending on the Warden's level).
  • Entering the Run-Down Back Street prior to accepting the Back Alley Justice questline will create an encounter with a group of Thugs which may cause a number of bugs to occur. Therefore, it is recommended not to venture to the area until the Back Alley Justice questline has been initiated.