Dera is an elf employed by Yevhen. After Yevhen's wife died she raised his sons, caring for them, especially Merin, as her own.

Involvement Edit

Dera is involved in the quest Fool's Gold.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

In Hightown, Hawke can talk to Yevhen, a dwarven merchant who is distraught after his three sons went down into the Deep Roads alone, in search of treasure. The men were inspired by Hawke's excursion into the Deep Roads during The Deep Roads Expedition and sought to follow the same course.

While questioning Yevhen, Dera will provide her own opinion of all three sons, often to the chagrin of Yevhen. She, as well as Yevhen, can provide insight into why the sons possibly went into the Deep Roads. Dera expresses loathing for Iwan, mild disdain for Emrys, and unmitigated love for Merin, saying the latter is "like a son" to her.

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