Master Dennet is a horsemaster and a merchant in Dragon Age: Inquisition. He can be found in the Hinterlands at Redcliffe Farms.

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Dennet was born in Redcliffe to a local farrier. He showed a gift with horses from a very young age. Once, while he was accompanying his father to Redcliffe Castle's stables, he managed to calm down a young stallion that had broken free with a few soothing words, saving a serving girl from being trampled in the process. Upon seeing this, Redcliffe's horsemaster promptly took him as his apprentice. Dennet grew up tending horses and teaching the children of the castle - including a young Alistair - how to ride.

He became Redcliffe's horsemaster upon the death of his predecessor, who died of a mysterious illness he'd contracted from one of his horses. Despite its rarity in the last centuries, Dennet correctly recognized the disease as being the Blight and prevented its spread. This experience proved vital in saving lives during the Fifth Blight, more than a decade later.

After the end of the Blight and helping Arl Eamon rebuild Redcliffe, he retired to the Hinterlands with his his wife Elaina and daughter Seanna, hoping for some peace and quiet.[1]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Upon arriving in the Hinterlands, the Herald is encouraged to seek out Horsemaster Dennet to secure horses for the Inquisition. Dennet was once Redcliffe's horsemaster, and his mounts are said to be the finest in Ferelden. He lives on a farm in the northwest of the Hinterlands with his wife and daughter. Though he agrees to help the Inquisition, he first needs to know that his horses will be well-cared for, and that the farmlands will be safe. He sends you to speak to his wife Elaina and his farmhand Bron to see what they need. This will unlock the quests Trouble with Wolves and Farmland Security. He gives the Inquisitor one horse to begin with, a Fereldan Forder, which can be obtained by talking to his daughter Seanna.

Once the quests are completed, Dennet can be convinced to join the Inquisition as an agent by either Cassandra, Vivienne, Dorian or an Inquisitor with the Underworld or History Knowledge perks.

Dennet will later be found in both Haven's and Skyhold's stables where he will sell various species of mounts. In addition, the Inquisition perk Horsemaster Dennet will automatically be obtained.

Mounts Edit

The following mounts can be acquired and/or bought from Dennet once he has relocated to Haven:

Horses Edit

Name Price
Imperial Warmblood
Horse Mount Icon Imperial Warmblood
1200 Currency (Inquisition)
Anderfel Courser
Horse Mount Icon Anderfel Courser
1200 Currency (Inquisition)
Free Marches Ranger
Horse Mount Icon Free Marches Ranger
627 Currency (Inquisition)
Amaranthine Charger
Horse Mount Icon Amaranthine Charger
627 Currency (Inquisition)
Orlesian Courser
Horse Mount Icon Orlesian Courser
285 Currency (Inquisition)
Green Dales Feral
Horse Mount Icon Green Dales Feral
200 Currency (Inquisition)
Dalish All-Bred
Horse Mount Icon Dalish All-Bred
200 Currency (Inquisition)
Taslin Strider
Horse Mount Icon Taslin Strider
0 Currency (Inquisition)
Fereldan Forder
Horse Mount Icon Fereldan Forder
0 Currency (Inquisition)

Dracolisks Edit

Name Price
Dracolisk Icon Sharp-Tail
4400 Currency (Inquisition)
Desert Lightning
Dracolisk Icon Desert Lightning
1800 Currency (Inquisition)
Blue River Bane
Dracolisk Icon Blue River Bane
812 Currency (Inquisition)
Basking Longma
Dracolisk Icon Basking Longma
812 Currency (Inquisition)
Abyssal Hang-Tooth
Dracolisk Icon Abyssal Hang-Tooth
385 Currency (Inquisition)

Harts Edit

Name Price
Wild Hart
Hart Mount Icon Wild Hart
2300 Currency (Inquisition)
Pride of Arlathan
Hart Mount Icon Pride of Arlathan
1400 Currency (Inquisition)
Tirashan Swiftwind
Hart Mount Icon Tirashan Swiftwind
641 Currency (Inquisition)
Brecilian Sure-Foot
Hart Mount Icon Brecilian Sure-Foot
450 Currency (Inquisition)

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  • Dennet is most likely the author of the unsigned Codex entry: A Horsemaster's Notes on Mounts.
  • Dennet will call an Elven Inquisitor a "Halla-rider", and a Dwarven Inquisitor a "mule-rider", both of which he considers a mark of admiration.
  • Dennet will always call the player character "Inquisition," rather than Herald or Inquisitor. This is true regardless of whether he is first approached when the Inquisition is still in Haven, or after the Inquisition moves to Skyhold.
  • When asked about the status of his horses, Dennent's response will change over time.
    • Haven: "Haven is groaning under the weight. It wasn't built for this. But we'll make it serve."
    • Skyhold (First Time): "Surprisingly well. Not many could feed these people, let alone their mounts. Makes me wonder what you're capable of."
    • Skyhold (Eventually): "Over-supplied! Never thought a mountain pass could seem like luxury." (requires completion of either Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts or Here Lies the Abyss)
  • When asked if he knows of any updates, Dennet will always only say, "Too busy to hear things. And that's how I like it." When first addressed in Skyhold, however, the Inquisitor will have the option to ask him about the status of his family back in Redcliffe.
  • Dennet is one of the few Haven survivors to retain his services after moving to Skyhold. He is also one of the few named residents of Haven who does not need the Inquisitor's help to survive during In Your Heart Shall Burn.
  • Once the Inquisition moves to Skyhold, Dennet's services will be temporarily unavailable until the first set of repairs is completed, as the area containing the stables is blocked by rubble until the Inquisitor leaves Skyhold and returns for the first time.
  • At the Haven stables, a man and a woman can be seen outside the fence and will occasionally engage in conversation regarding the status on the Inquisition's horses before Dennet is recruited. After recruiting him, they will engage in another conversation, this time pleased about Dennet's experience with horses. Cullen will be pleased about Dennet's experience with horses as well, and will occasionally tell the War Room council that his horses are fine mounts and that he will see that they are well-tended. These conversations will not occur after moving to Skyhold, regardless of whether or not Dennet has already been recruited into the Inquisition by then.
  • Dennet is the only Agent to occupy the "Inquisition" section of the Perks menu. His description is as follows: "The Horsemaster lends his considerable experience with the training and handling of various steeds for the Inquisition." Furthermore, recruiting him will count as a point in the "Inquisition" category.
    • The Rider's Posture and Antivan-Stitched Saddle perks under the Forces section will both increase resistance to becoming unseated.
  • Blackwall can always be seen relatively close to Dennet's stables in both locations, if recruited for the Inquisition.

References Edit

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