Denerim Market District is the center of commerce in Denerim and home to quite a few merchants, several businesses but also has been known to attract some of the seedier elements of society.

Characters Edit

Map-Denerim Market District

Map of the area

Quests Edit

Leliana's Song Edit

Ico Quest The Game The main quest of Leliana's Song DLC.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Ico Quest Alistair's Family
Ico Quest Leliana's Past
Ico Quest Back Alley Justice
Ico Quest Loghain's Push
Ico Quest Missing in Action
Ico Quest Fazzil's Request
Ico Quest Blood of Warning
Ico Quest Have You Seen Me?
Ico Quest The Scrolls of Banastor
Ico Quest Defending the Collective/Defying the Collective
Ico Quest Rob the maid in the market
Ico Quest Acquire Ser Nancine's sword
Ico Quest Steal Master Tilver's key
Ico Quest Steal the teyrn's crown
Ico Quest The Absent Mistress
Ico Quest A Fistful of Silver
Ico Quest The Private Collection
Ico Quest The Tears of Andraste
  • Other:
Ico Quest A Change in Leadership from The Blackstone Irregulars
Ico Quest Honor Bound from Landry
Ico Quest Pearls Before Swine from Sergeant Kylon
Ico Quest The Crimson Oars from Sergeant Kylon
Ico Quest The Trial of Crows started by the Messenger

The Darkspawn Chronicles Edit

Main Quests Edit

Ico Quest Rampage to the Market
Ico Quest Massacre in the Market
Ico Quest Rampage to the Alienage

Side Quests Edit

Ico Quest Sneak Past the Ballistae
Ico Quest Kill Bann Teagan
Ico Quest Slaughter the Innocents
Ico Quest Blow the Gates
Ico Quest Stop the Resupply
Ico Quest Slay the Healer
Denerim Cathedral

The Denerim cathedral

Containers Edit

Notable items Edit

Notable gifts for companions:

Ico mug of ale Ale, source: Sold by Bartender at Gnawed Noble Tavern.
Tre ico map 1 Ancient Map of the Imperium, source: At Wonders of Thedas.
Tre ico map 3 Map of the Anderfels, source: Chest in Market Warehouse (in the Warden Cache).
Tre ico garnet Remarkable Garnet, source: At Wonders of Thedas.
Tre ico holy symbol 5 Steel Symbol of Andraste, source: Chest at Brother Genitivi's Home.
Tre ico tiara Tiara, source: steal from Habren

Notes Edit

  • If you unsuccessfully steal from anyone in the Market District then when you travel on the Denerim City Map you will eventually have a random encounter where you are attacked by a Guard and sixteen Soldiers who recognize you as a thief. Two of the most difficult NPCs to steal from in the market are Master Ignacio and Sergeant Kylon.
    • After this you will eventually have another random encounter when travelling on the Denerim City Map with a Guard and nineteen Soldiers; they recognize you as a thief who already wiped out the first patrol.

Codex entriesEdit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Chant of Light: Redemption
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Noladar Anthology of Dwarven Poetry

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