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Demonic Ichor is an ingredient used in poison-making to craft consumables in Dragon Age: Origins.



Concentrated Demonic Poison Concentrated Demonic Poison

Demonic Poison Demonic Poison


Drops from Lieutenant ranked darkspawn with a 22.22% chance [1]. Alternatively, also available through various merchants.

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Alimar Orzammar, Dust Town x3 28Silver 0Bronze
Cesar Denerim, Denerim Market District x3 / x4 ("special stock") 24Silver 0Bronze
Faryn Frostback Mountain Pass x2 24Silver 0Bronze
Levi Dryden Soldier's Peak, Warden's Keep x2 24Silver 0Bronze
Quartermaster Circle Tower, Apprentice Quarters x1 24Silver 0Bronze
Tranquil Proprietor Denerim, Wonders of Thedas x3 30Silver 0Bronze

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Bartender City of Amaranthine, The Crown and Lion Inn x8 22Silver 0Bronze


  • Even though the description implies that this item is looted from possessed corpses, it can only be looted from darkspawn (usually from alphas and emissaries). (Corpses usually drop corpse gall.)


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