Demonic Dogma is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Explore the depths of Envy to discover its dark secrets.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained during Champions of the Just by interacting with the inscription behind the barricade opposite the room where the Inquisitor finds Cole. The barricade is different for each class (locked door for rogue, magical barrier for mage, bashable wall for warrior).

Note: If you miss the inscription and enter the new area with Cole through the western door, you cannot return to the location of the first inscription.

Walkthrough Edit

Interacting with the first inscription grants a +1 Cunning increase and unlocks Codex entry: Envy's Dogma. Located in the room across from where you met Cole.

In order to access the second inscription, you must complete the Champions of the Just objective of lighting the braziers. Go back to the previous area with the jail Cells (where the body is on the table) bearing a veilfire torch to find the key to the south room. Go forward past the four braziers to light the brazier in the south room then the one on the east wall and enter the cavern to interact with the next statue and receive +2 Constitution. This will also update the codex.

The third inscription is found through the forest, on the second floor of the mess hall. It grants a +3 increase to an attribute that is dependent on the player's class. Mage receives +3 Willpower, rogue receives +3 Dexterity, warrior receives +3 Strength. Examining the inscription updates the codex for the last time.

Rewards Edit

  • +1 Cunning for examining the first inscription
  • +2 Constitution for examining the second inscription
  • +3 Willpower for a Mage/+3 Dexterity for a Rogue/+3 Strength for a Warrior for examining the third inscription
  • 50 XP for examining each inscription

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Envy's Dogma

Gallery Edit

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