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“The order should not bow to power flaunted.”

Ser Delrin Barris is a knight of the Templar Order. He is the second son of Bann Jevrin Barris of Ferelden.


The Barrises are a noble family whose ancestors settled in northwestern Ferelden near Lake Calenhad. There have been notable knights in their line: Kenem Barris, who fought in 6:50 Steel against the Avvar during their invasion of the Fereldan lowlands; and Alarra Barris, who took up arms against the Orlesian occupiers in 8:98 Blessed and successfully drove them from her family's holdings.

The Barrises allied themselves more closely with the Chantry during the Dragon Age by sending several of their children to its barracks or cloisters. Delrin was given to the templars at the age of twelve by his father, who thought him very well-suited to the Order.

His father's opinion proved to be right: Delrin proved his mettle on his first assignment as a knight-templar. Though seemingly a straightforward mission to investigate rumors of apostasy in Dragon's Peak, the mission turned into a chaotic brawl involving a cult of blood mages, a Pride demon, a Dalish clan, a pair of Seekers of Truth, and Tal-Vashoth mercenaries enslaved by magic. Delrin's cool head proved instrumental in leading his squadron to victory and protecting innocent parties embroiled in the affair.[1]


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Chantry, hoping to regain the Order's allegiance and counter the growing perceived threat of the Inquisition, summons all members of the Templar Order to Val Royeaux in the wake of the disastrous events of the Breach. Ser Barris arrives in the city accompanying Lord Seeker Lucius Corin. Upon the arrival of the Herald of Andraste at the Chantry's invitation, Revered Mother Hevara orders the Templars to arrest the Herald. Barris watches in dismay as Lucius has a Templar punch Hevara and openly spurns the Chantry. As the Templars depart for Therinfal Redoubt, Lucius reassures Barris that the Order has a higher purpose and Val Royeaux is unworthy of their protection.

If the Inquisitor recruited the Templars...
The Herald elects to approach Lord Seeker Lucius at Therinfal to attempt to gain the Templars as allies, Barris will greet the Herald and Lord Esmeral Abernache at the castle's gates. Barris expresses his confusion, as none of their officers were present to conduct the Herald's party to Lucius, but directs the Herald to take part in a banner-raising ritual—a ritual that the Lord Seeker requests that the Inquisitor partakes in.

Whether the Inquisitor agrees to do the ritual or not, Barris then leads the Herald and their party to the meeting room. They encounter Knight-Captain Denam instead, who reveals that the corrupted templars (who've been corrupted by red lyrium) must purge the questioning uncorrupted Templars because the Herald's arrival has sowed dissent amongst their ranks; thus ruining the Lord Seeker's plans for them and also upsetting their preparations for the Elder One's coming.

Barris sides with the Herald and together they fight their way through the castle in pursuit of Lucius, who is exposed as an Envy demon. The Envy demon has barricaded itself in the Shrine of Offering with magical barriers and occasionally sends Red templars into the Great Hall to exterminate the Inquisitor and Barris' forces. Barris leads the surviving Templars to the Great Hall, intending on making a stand to draw off the main force of Red templars while the Inquisitor recovers the templar veterans and uncorrupted supplies of lyrium that Barris needs to weaken the demon's magical barriers. Depending on how long it takes the Inquisitor to acquire the resources, Delrin Barris may sustain fatal injuries from the fighting if he is left alone to defend the Great Hall for too long. Once the lyrium supplies and the surviving Templars are rallied to the hall by the Inquisitor, a fierce battle between corrupted Red templars and their former brethren ensues. The templars manage to dissipate the magical barriers while the Inquisition holds off the waves of red templars. Afterwards, the Inquisitor's forces proceeded to vanquish the Envy demon.

If Barris survives:
Upon the Envy demon's defeat Barris speaks with the Herald as the de facto leader of the Templars.

If Barris perishes:
Knight-Captain Fletcher assumes that role instead.

When the Herald decides whether to disband and conscript the Templars or ask them to join the Inquisition as free allies, Barris accepts the Herald's decision, eager to get the Templars back to fulfilling their purpose. Barris then becomes an agent for the Inquisition working for Cullen.

In the event the mission fails due to the Inquisitor dying or the Great Hall falling, the mission failed screen will display Barris being executed by a Red Templar Shadow, and the player will have to restart from the last save.

If the Inquisition allies with the Templar Order, incidents of apostates, Venatori, and demons plaguing Thedas are reported to the Inquisition:
Barris, who has taken an unofficial leadership role among the templars, can be dispatched to help resolve them. After completing these missions, Barris can be recognized for his courageous actions and promoted to Knight-Commander of the remaining Templars.

If the Inquisitor recruited the Mages...
Due to the events surrounding the main quest In Hushed Whispers, Barris is presumably killed by the Red Templars along with the rest of the uncorrupted members of the Order.[2]


Ser Barris in Heroes of Dragon Age

Champions of the Just Champions of the Just
Save Val Colline from the Venatori Save Val Colline from the Venatori (war table)
Have Ser Barris Lead Against Demons Have Ser Barris Lead Against Demons (war table)
Investigate Man Accused of Abomination Investigate Man Accused of Abomination (war table)
Promoting Barris Promoting Barris


  • Philliam, a Bard! wrote a chapbook about Delrin's first mission that took place in Dragon's Peak. The chapbook is titled Thunder Upon the Mountains! The Battle for the Heart of Dragon's Peak! and remains one of the most popular chapbooks in eastern Ferelden.


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  2. Siding with the mages unlocks the "Ser Barris died" tile in the Dragon Age Keep.