Do not blame the children for the sins of the father.

Delilah Howe is the only daughter of Arl Rendon Howe and the sister of Nathaniel and Thomas Howe.

Background Edit

A member of the Howe family, Delilah is mentioned in the Human Noble Origin, if the Warden is male, by her father, Arl Rendon Howe, though she is never actually seen.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Delilah is involved in Nathaniel's personal quest, The Howe Family.

Samuel informs Nathaniel that Delilah can be found in the City of Amaranthine. After finding her, Nathaniel offers to bring her back to stay at the keep, stating that she doesn't need to live as a peasant. Delilah declines the offer, stating that she's happily married to a storekeeper named Albert (Nathaniel also learns later that they are expecting a child soon).

If the Warden is a male human noble she states that she never liked the idea of marrying "that stuckup Cousland boy" whom her father was encouraging her to wed.

It is through Delilah that Nathaniel learns more of his father's evil deeds during the Blight.

If the Warden is a male Human Noble, the latter can speak directly to her, at which she'll recognize him and apologize for Rendon Howe's deeds.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Delilah travels to Kirkwall in 9:37 Dragon, fearing her brother Nathaniel had vanished during a mission to the Primeval Thaig for the Grey Wardens. She can be found in the Hightown distrct outside the Chantry. Agreeing to help her starts the Finding Nathaniel quest.

Quotes Edit

If the Warden is a male human noble:

  • Delilah: He's so much better than that stuck-up Cousland boy that father kept trying to set me up with.
  • Warden: Well, I didn't want to marry you either!/ I'm right here!
  • Delilah: Oh. Er. That was you, wasn't it? Awkward!

  • [To her brother, regarding their father] You want the culprit who destroyed our family? It was him, without question.

Trivia Edit

  • Delilah's eyes are different colors between Dragon Age Awakening and Dragon Age II, gray in Dragon Age Awakening and light brown in Dragon Age II; this may be due to a mistake by the developers. This same error occurred with Nathaniel. Delilah's hairstyle is also different.
  • Even after finding his sister, Nathaniel will still condone the burning of the city of Amaranthine at endgame of Awakening. This was possibly an oversight considering this endangers Delilah and her family.
  • In an interview, David Gaider confirmed the birth order for the Howe siblings; Nathaniel is the eldest, then Delilah, and Thomas is the youngest.[1]

References Edit

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