Deft Hands, Fine Tools is an Inquisition perk in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

Deft Hands, Fine Tools allows any rogue in the active party to access locked doors that are otherwise unable to be opened.

Uses Edit

Masterwork locks are found in the following locations:

Cradle of Sulevin Edit

  • A door on the main floor

Crestwood Edit

  • The house of a fearful villager in the south of the Village of Crestwood; it will be boarded up and cannot be accessed until closing the rift in the Flooded Caves during Still Waters:
    • AmuletofPowerIcon Amulet of Power (Inquisitor only)
    • Unique amulet icon Malika's Guard (Patch 10 required)
    • Random amount of gold
    • Chance for random loot

Emerald Graves Edit

Note: The second chest inside the room is bugged and cannot be interacted with.

Emprise du Lion Edit

  • A door inside Valeska's Watch
    • Random amount of gold
    • Chance for random loot
  • The tower in the middle of the frozen lake in the north
    • Text ico Barely Intelligible Scrawl
    • Rebuke of the Sunderland icon Rebuke of the Sunderland
    • Mask of Valmont icon Curse of Morrac
    • Chance for random loot

Exalted Plains Edit

  • Door to the tower with the complete staircase:
    • Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Staggering
    • Random amount of Gold
    • Chance for random loot
  • Door to the tower with the broken staircase:

Fallow Mire Edit

Frostback BasinEdit

  • In the Abandoned Jail:
    • Left door
      • Tyrddas Staff icon Scepter of Razikale
    • Right door
      • Unique belt icon Master Belt of Grenades
  • In the Old Temple:
    • A rune which grants Hakkon's Wisdom Schematic Icon Hakkon's Mercy Schematic (requires Veilfire)
    • Chance for random loot
    • Chance for a random amount of Gold

Hinterlands Edit

  • A house in Redcliffe Village (near the docks):
    • Related to the Ocularum
    • Random amount of Gold

Western Approach Edit

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