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{{:Elemental Aegis|style=skillspelltalentrow}}
{{:Elemental Aegis|style=skillspelltalentrow}}
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{{:Turn the Blade|style=skillspelltalentrow}}
{{Talents (Dragon Age II)}}
{{Talents (Dragon Age II)}}

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Defender talents are talents available to the warrior class in Dragon Age II.


Defenders specialize in survivability, taking everything the enemy throws at them and walking away unscathed.


Elemental Aegis Elemental Aegis
Upkeep: 15%
Cooldown: 5s
Requires: Level 3
The secret to warding off the elements is to rely on your armor, keeping it between you and the blast. The warrior has learned this lesson well, and can anticipate magical attacks. (This mode cannot be used at the same time as Turn the Blade.)

Fire resistance: +40%
Cold resistance: +40%
Electricity resistance: +40%
Nature resistance: +40%
Spirit resistance: +40%

Turn the Blade may refer to:

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Stonewall Stonewall
Activation: 20
Duration: 5s
Cooldown: 15s
The warrior braces for impact, shrugging off damage for a brief moment and pushing back against any foe who attacks.

Physical force: 2x vs. attacking enemies
Damage resistance: +50%

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