Humble Bann Perrin and his guards

An Orlesian noble wishes a Fereldan counterpart punished for his disrespect at a reception. A series of forged invitations have drawn Bann Perrin to Arl Eamon's estate tonight. Eamon is away, but Perrin cannot leave without risking insult.

Humble Bann Perrin by defeating his elite guard, at the very least.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

You start out with the quest in your journal at the very beginning of the campaign.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Leliana's Song.

Bann Perrin is in the southwestern corner of the Denerim Market District, in the courtyard of the Arl of Redcliffe's Denerim Estate. Approaching him will result in combat. (Note: if the city guards have already been alerted there will be no conversation and Bann Perrin will attack on sight, so if the player wants to hear the conversation, Bann Perrin should be dealt with before doing anything else in the market.)

Once his guards are slain and Bann Perrin himself has been knocked unconscious, retrieve the Suspect Underthings from him. At this point you may:

Either choice will successfully complete this quest.


Bann Perrin's embarrassment will haunt him for life.


Defeating Bann Perrin and his guards: 63xp (killing 2 guards and knocking Perrin unconscious) + 1250xp (quest update)

Items on Bann Perrin:

Suspect Underthings Suspect Underthings
Note from the Chantry Note from the Chantry

Nailing Bann Perrin's suspect underthings to the chantry bulletin board: 1250 xp.

Planting the suspect underthings on the comatose body of Guard Captain Eams: 750 xp. (also: partial completion of the requirements for the Vendetta achievement.)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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