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The deepstalker matriarch is the largest deepstalker variant.


One of the few natural, non-darkspawn creatures to live in the Deep Roads, the deepstalker is a reptilian cave-dweller known for burrowing into the stone paths of the Deep Roads and ambushing prey, usually nugs. They hunt in packs, attacking with round mouths full of serrated teeth or spitting poison from venom glands. Although a single deepstalker poses little threat to any experienced explorer, packs can be quite lethal.

—From Tales from Beneath the Earth by Brother Genitivi[1]

It is a Boss-ranked opponent and does not use any form of spit but does have significantly greater amounts of health than other deepstalkers. The matriarch is found near her eggs at a deepstalker nest in Caridin's Cross and is accompanied by lots of deepstalkers for protection which can overwhelm those who are not cautious.


Caridin's Cross Caridin's Cross


Scare Scare


Deepstalker runner
Deepstalker leader

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