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Deep Mushroom (Inquisition)

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The term "deep mushroom" refers to the entire group of fungi that grows underground in caves and many parts of the Deep Roads.[1] They are prized by herbalists for their restorative properties, and they can be made into poisons.[2][3] These fungi are part of the dwarven diet and are considered delicacies.[4]

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Deep mushrooms grow in close proximity to darkspawn bodies and lyrium veins.[3][4] Dwarven merchants often hire casteless for very little money to enter the Deep Roads and collect the mushrooms, a dangerous task due to the everlasting presence of darkspawn.[1] In Orzammar they are farmed.[5]

The most common varieties used by herbalists are the Blightcap, Ghoul's Mushroom, and Brimstone Mushroom. They carry the darkspawn taint, making them quite poisonous. However, they do not transmit the disease. Without adequate cleaning and preparation, consuming these mushrooms can cause insanity, severe abdominal cramping, and even death.[1]

Varieties of Deep Mushrooms

Varieties of deep mushrooms by Ines Arancia[6]

In small quantities they are served in dwarven dishes because of their unique flavor and intoxicating scent.[4]

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