Deep Roads Expeditions: Patrolling the Bastion of the Pure is an expedition table operation in The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available upon completion of The Descent (quest).

Operation text Edit

Scouts report an increase in Sha-Brytol activity in the region. If allowed to continue unchecked, they could present a threat to the Inquisition's interests. Armed patrols could be sent out to keep them from taking over the area completely.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - Locked Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Leliana - Locked Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Cullen - 0:48:00 Edit

A show of force will make it clear that the Sha-Brytol cannot operate freely in the area.

Result Edit

The Inquisition's patrols have returned after meeting the enemy. There were losses on both sides, but ultimately the Sha-Brytol presence in the area has been reduced. Furthermore, some artifacts were recovered.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

  • This operation can be repeated.
  • The potential DLC items awarded are as follows:
Lyrium-Reinforced-Longbow-icon Lyrium-Reinforced Longbow
Rare-Staff-Icon-3 Lyrium-Infused Staff
DAI Rare Heater Shield Icon Revered Defender Bulwark
Revered Defender Longsword Icon Revered Defender Longsword
Item-Unknown Revered Defender Maul
Slice of Lightning Icon Stone Stalker Blade
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