Deep Roads Expeditions: Bastion of the Pure Excavation is an expedition table scouting operation in The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Find and unlock the operation in the Bastion of the Pure. Pass the bridge built in the Deep Roads Expeditions: Bastion of the Pure Bridge expedition table mission. When you get to the fork, look up along the wall to the west, among the lyrium veins, for an orange-lit tunnel. Climb into this to find the marker and unlock the mission. It's easier to spot from the south wall at the top of the right fork.

Operation text Edit

The Inquisition has identified a location in the Forgotten Caverns where a construction team could clear a collapsed tunnel to grant access to an unexplored cave in the Bastion of the Pure.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - Power Cost: 10 Edit

I could negotiate with Mining Caste in Orzammar for carts to clear rock from the tunnel even faster.

Leliana - Power Cost: 10 Edit

Sappers may know as much about clearing rubble as about creating it. I can send one to advise the construction team.

Cullen - Power Cost: 10 Edit

A little hard work hauling rubble will be a good team-building exercise for our newest squads.

Result Edit

The construction team has finished clearing a tunnel that will allow Inquisition forces to explore an uncharted cave in the Bastion of the Pure.

Rewards Edit

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